2017 Year of the Assassin

Santa's Orange Assault Hand Paddle

Santa’s Orange Assault Hand Paddle

From Backwater Paddle Company to all of our families, friends and fans…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

To all of our overseas dealers, friends and fans…Feliz Navidad (Spanish), Joyex Noel (French), Buone Feste Natalaizia (Italian) and Froeliche Weihnacten (German)!!  Thanks for your continued dedication and support!

To say we are excited about the New Year is an understatement.  2017 promises to bring new adventures, new products and new attitudes!

Assassin Kayak Paddle

Assassin Kayak Paddle CAD photo.

Our Assassin Kayak Paddle project may have some legs going into the next year.  One of the potential investors, Adventure Capitalists, a CNBC TV show, has been in constant contact about the upcoming project.  We have Skyped a couple of times with the casting team director, provided product information almost weekly, and are just patiently waiting for the next step.

Basically the show is along the lines of Shark Tank, without the “pretentious bozos” who sit there, interrogate your idea and belittle your project, even before investment consideration.  Having seen the show numerous times, my warrior attitude would probably have me jumping across the table and throttling the first obnoxious investor.

However, Adventure Capitalist investors are avid outdoor sportsmen who actually field test your product in its intended environment.  After field testing, they sit the entrepreneur down, outdoors on rocks or stumps, and provide critical feedback and investment opportunities.

Supposedly, the filming of the show takes place in the January/February timeframe.  Not sure where it will happen…but we will take anyplace, and make it happen anywhere.  Failure is not an option!

From a logistics perspective, I have offered up Cocoa Beach, Florida as a potential filming site.  The perfect weather, easy access to water and availability of kayaks for filming the show may help persuade the producers.  Hopefully they will take the offer into consideration.

Backwater Paddle Company continues to expand its dealerships around the nation, and overseas.  We still acquire new dealers on a routine basis…a couple a month, or so.   We currently have around 110 dealers in the states.  Just picked up another Canadian dealer in Toronto.  When we are talking “dealers”…we are talking small scale outfitters, local paddle shops, family owned outdoor retailers and the ubiquitous mom & pop marinas/tackle stores.

Our corporate and product branding efforts have been relatively successful.  Our social media pages are always full of customer provided content.  That bodes well to our marketing efforts.  Until we can get the Assassin Kayak Paddles into the market, our attempts to provide inventory to the big box stores is a constant challenge.  Basically our legendary Assault Hand Paddles just do not provide enough leverage for the big box stores to create shelf space.

Creating shelf space and inventory for the big box stores has nothing to do with “liking or disliking” our company or product.  It has everything to do with their bottom line.  They have to have a high turnover of product on those few precious inches of shelf space to be remain profitable.

Unfortunately, our Assault Hand Paddles are typically used by a select few paddle sportsmen in the industry.   We are a “niche product” in the paddle sport market.  Kayak anglers, kayak fowl hunters, and kayak photographers make up the basic crowd.  Probably no more than 15% of the total market.  As versatile as they are, as badass as they look, as durable as they’re manufactured…our sales are nothing spectacular.  We are dealing with such a small market.

Now, when the Assassin Kayak Paddles come to market, we will have access to pretty much the whole shebang.  ALL kayak paddle sportsmen need a full size kayak paddle!  Our patented blade design will outperform the competition, look more badass, and cost the same.  They will sell!

Having this national dealer network already established is a precursor to the Assassin Kayak Paddles future success.  We will instantly be able to provide inventory to the paddle sportsman.  We will be able to provide packaged units of hand paddles and full size paddles, together, for a more powerful purchasing incentive.  A “performance package,” we’ll call it!  I believe once the big box stores begin to realize how successful our full size kayak paddles are, they will establish dialogue.

So, 2017 is coming quick.  This is the year Backwater Paddle Company explodes into the outdoor and paddle sports markets!  We are excited about the future!

Thanks for all your continued support!   Paddle on my friends!

Ed Halm





Poker’s In The Fire…The Assassin Kayak Paddle Project Continues

Assassin Kayak Paddle

Assassin Kayak Paddle left and right blades.

“Heavens to Murgatroyd!”…Snagglepuss used to say.  That was his famous surprise exclamation.  Snaggle-who?  1960’s cartoon?  Never mind…just act surprised!

Adventure Capitalist, Duck Dynasty and two other private equity investors are perusing the Assassin Kayak Paddle project.  Four proverbial “pokers in the fire!”  We are still moving forward in our endeavor to procure the necessary funds to bring this project to market.  Failure is not an option!

CNBC’s own  “entrepreneur meets investors” reality TV show, Adventure Capitalist has shown interest in our Assassin Kayak Paddle Project.  So much so, that we have already had an hour long Skype interview with the shows casting director.  Thumbs up!

The Adventure Capitalist TV show is new and they were soliciting outdoor adventure entrepreneurs to submit projects for their future shows.   What the heck did I have to lose?  Application submitted!  A month later, they are calling about the project!

Duck Dynasty on the other hand has been more of a “guerilla marketing” tactic, than anything else.  It is nearly impossible to contact any of the individual duck people with the layers of office security they utilize.  What the hell, I’ll just back door them.  I figured I’d send them six Assault Hand Paddles,  addressed to Willie, for the duck building crew to play with.  You know how bad-ass those hand paddles are, and if those duck guys get them…something HAS to happen!

I finally got a hold of JD Owen, Willie’s personal assistant.  He told me the Assault Hand Paddles were handed off to Justin Martin, their “new product” manager.  Martin, as he’s called on the show, is one of the duck call builders.  I want them to explore the possibilities the patented “hook and teeth” blade design has to offer.

At this point, I am still trying to establish dialogue with Martin and establish the whereabouts of those legendary hand paddles.  It’s duck season…go figure!  Done gone huntin’!!

We also have two other prospective investors, I assume they are private equity investors, who have solicited information about funding the Assassin Kayak Paddle project.  Out of respect, I will keep their personal information secured until we have reached some contractual agreement.  One is from the Ohio area, the other from the Tennessee area…both involved in the paddle sports communities.

I feel quite good about the Adventure Capitalist TV show.  Apparently from this Skype interview, the casting director edits together a short video presentation about Backwater Paddle Company and the Assassin Kayak Paddle for the CNBC producers.  I sent them our collection of YouTube micro-videos shot earlier this year.  The producers will then select the potential entrepreneurs and products for their future shows.  Shooting begins January 2017!  I feel we have a legitimate chance for the 2017 season!

Assassin Kayak Paddle

Again. I want to reiterate the fact that the table is still open!  If you know someone who wants to explore this investment opportunity before it closes, contact me soon.  Getting in on the ground floor plan now, will yield large returns in the future!

“Exit, Stage Left”…Snagglepuss exclaims when departing!  Snaggle-who? Check the interweb!

Paddle on my friends!



Assassin Kayak Paddles

Money, Money, Money…Assassin Kayak Paddle Still Working on Funding

It’s 2016…who the hell knew how hard it would be to get money together for a project?  Yes, the Assassin Kayak Paddle project is still waiting on funding.  The revolutionary kayak paddle that will change the way paddle sportsmen utilize their paddles, is still in financial limbo.  We are still $50,000 short of moving forward.

Money grows on trees…right??  The economy is growing…right?  Paddle sports is growing…right?  Then where is the money?  Where are the investors?

Assassin Kayak Paddle

Assassin Kayak Paddle prototypes showing left and right blades.

The money is definitely out there! However finding the right investor is the difficult part.  The Assassin Kayak Paddle project, as we know, will forever change the landscape of the paddle sports market.  We know the patented “hook and teeth” blade design, and the raised graphics package are “badass.”  We know the full versatility these paddles will deliver.  When fully introduced to the paddle sports community, we will shock the market!  We know this!

However, we have to find the right investor who believes in our project, and also knows this!

Again, finding the right investor is time consuming, and stressful.  Not all investors are created equal. Herein lies the problem in our paddle sports market.  Most investors are aligned with technology, communications, aerospace, software development and medical projects.  That is where the biggest, and most observable, growth pattern is reflected.  That’s where the big money goes.

Paddle sports?  Say, what?  Who invests in such a small market?  Compared to all the other investable big market projects that are available, why bother with the small stuff?  We are looking for that elusive niche investor.  All I can say is….remember our Indiegogo campaign!  90% of those crowd funding projects were NOT sports related!  Fortunately, there are investors who dabble in the sports market arena.

Identifying these sports investors, contacting them, establishing dialog, and eventually the “pitch” can be daunting.  First, you have to be fairly sure they are “water sports” investors.  Compared to, say…athletic and sports wear, motor sports, team sports, hunting, hiking and adrenaline sports, etc.  Every investor has their specialty, or favorite sport to indulge.  If anyone knows of one of these elusive “water sports” investors…please share!

We do have a couple “pokers in the fire,”  At this point, I’d rather not identify the potential investors.  Kind of jinxes the collaboration.  We will continue searching for these elusive sports investors and performing our due diligence.  As soon as we can lock someone down for the future, we will shout it out to the world!

Thanks for your continued support!

Paddle on my friends!

Assassin Kayak Paddle Project Still In The Works

Assassin Kayak Paddles

We are making progress in bringing the Assassin Kayak Paddles to market.  As you remember, we needed around $100,000 for the mold tooling, shaft purchase, initial manufacturing run, assembly and marketing.  Roughly 65% of the costs was for the blade mold tooling.

I know some of you are having a hard time digesting the $65,000 to make a mold…but the mold is 100% of our business!!  Our patented designed blades are manufactured with a pressure injection molding process.  These molds are extremely large, very sophisticated, highly detailed and labor intensive.  Without said mold…no plastic blades, therefore NO paddles.

Assassin Kayak Paddle

Assassin Kayak Paddle CAD photo.

We are in the process of working a deal with our plastics manufacturer, Peliton Plastics in Valdosta, Georgia.  Yeah…made in the USA!!  They have considered amortizing the mold tooling costs over future production runs.  Basically, they will up-charge us an extra couple of dollars for each blade manufactured, from which a portion will go towards paying down the initial cost of tooling the mold.

Having secured the “big end” of the project…we are not out of the woods yet!  We still need to raise at least $40,000 to $50,000 in cash to finish the project.  We need to import shafts, purchase drip rings, purchase materials for assembly and market the paddles.

So again I ask…”we are still looking for investors to finish the project.”  Getting in on the ground floor of this revolutionary paddle development is epic for investors.   Anyone has, or knows of someone who has, some cash “squirreled away” for a big investment…send them my way.  I will make their investment opportunity very lucrative!

We are half way there!!   The Assassin Kayak Paddles will revolutionize paddle sportsmen’s stealth and mobility!!  Failure is not an option!!  Find us the money!!

Paddle on my friends!!

Ed Halm



Crowd Funding Fail. Plan “B” For Assassin Kayak Paddles.

Here is the latest update regarding the Assassin Kayak Paddle project and our funding efforts.

Assassin Kayak Paddles

Well…so much for the crowd funding plan.  The Indiegogo Assassin Kayak Paddle project did not meet expectations.  We came up way short on our goal of $100,000.  Basically, we failed miserably!

Of course I accept all responsibilities for the failure.   I had no idea how much marketing was required to promote our new paddles to potential investors.  Marketing is money.  We spent around $4,000 on the project and received 3% funding.  We advertised on Facebook, Twitter, Kayak Angler and Adventure Kayak magazine newsletters, Paddling.net banner ads, and professional PR article writings.

Crowd funding has been around a few years.  However, now, like all things inter-web oriented, the whole crowd funding concept has become inundated with projects.  Most of which are simply designed on a whim to facilitate someone’s ego.  The process loses its attraction to serious investors.  It simply takes too long to separate the bullshit from the cream.

Now you have the “vulture crowd funding marketing companies” contacting you everyday your campaign is running.  They tell you how they will provide you the necessary contacts for your project to succeed…for a substantial fee!

Wow, trying to extrapolate the necessary marketing budget to get 100% funding…around $50,000?  It makes no sense!  The paddle project would have had to gone viral to get all the necessary exposure, inexpensively.

Nevertheless, below is the Indiegogo campaign we ran:


So we are moving on with Plan “B.”  We have just sent the project to a potential investor named Marc Portney for evaluation and consideration.  Mr. Portney is an investor with All American Makers.  This would be an equity investment should he decide this project is worthy of his attention.  We will have to give his team a week or so to do their discovery, and await a response!

Plan “C” is to solicit other potential angel investors, private investors and other venture capitalists who would be interested in backing our project.  Think “Shark Tank”

Plan “D” is non-bank funding options.  I attended a very interesting lecture at our local college. It was presented to entrepreneurs about seeking funds from sources other than banks.  The SBA, Small Business Administration, backs these loans from select small investment companies.

Plan “E” is to source the project through some other established paddle sports manufacturing company for an equity stake in our company.

As you can see, we already have a backup plan in action, and others available if required.   If anyone knows of a potential investment source, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for all your continued support and dedication!  Failure is not an option!

So now we wait…again!


Assassin Kayak Paddle Crowd Funding Project Set For January 2016

First of all, from Backwater Paddle Company…Happy Holidays!   Tis the season for happiness and joy!

Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays!!

Hold on!!  It’s Christmas time!!  I hate always having to be “politically correct.”

Seriously, to the Backwater Paddle Company family, fans, friends, customers, dealers…the real people…Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Feliz Navidad, Buon Natale, Joyeux Noel, Frohe Weihnachten and メリークリスマス!! 

Unfortunately we will not have our Assassin Kayak Paddles available for the upcoming holiday season.  We are looking toward Spring 2016 for the initial debut.

The Assassin Kayak paddle crowd funding project is progressing forward…but sooooooo slow!!  I feel like we are moving at a snails pace…and that poor fellow is crawling uphill!  This project continually tests my patience and time schedule.

We are still working on the video.  We have seen the first rough edit last week.  In my opinion, we still have much work to do with the video…but it is a rough edit.  And from the feedback, it is moving in the right direction.   It may be another week or two before we accept the final product video.  It has to be a “killer video” to garner investor attention.  We won’t settle for anything less!

So having said that…this would bring the Assassin Kayak Paddle crowd funding debut right in the middle of prime holiday advertising and marketing season.   Competing with all the mass hysteria for attention this late in the game would not be beneficial, probably suicidal!   We do not want to loose the focus of our revolutionary paddle design to the maelstrom of seasonal purchasing (in)decisions.

Having spoke with all the investors, it has been decided to debut the Assassin Kayak Paddle project until after the New Years, when all the holiday purchasing pressure is off.  That way, our focus, and our customers focus, will be for the upcoming spring time paddling season.

Our project will debut on Indiegogo  (www.indiegogo.com)  Indiegogo is a crowd sourcing funding project.  We will offer up “perks” to the potential investors, to entice them and their money to come aboard.

Below is our “perk sheet” for the potential investors.

$20    BPC T-shirt and BPC decal (MSRP $ 25.00)
$25    Assault Hand Paddle plus BPC decal (MSRP $ 35.00)
$50    (2) Assault Hand Paddles with BPC decals (MSRP $ 70.00)
$100  Assassin Kayak Paddle with BPC decals (MSRP $145.00)
$125  Assassin Kayak Paddle and Assault Hand Paddle with BPC decals (MSRP $ 180.00)
$200  (2) Assassin Kayak Paddles with BPC decals (MSRP $290.00)
$250  (2) Assassin Kayak Paddles, (2) Assault Hand Paddles, with BPC decals (MSRP $ 350.00)

We are trying to raise $100,000 for the project.  These funds raised will go toward mold tooling, shaft procurement, first run production and marketing.

Basically, if you do the math, we only need 1000 investors at $100 each to make our goal.  I think our investors will we have some pretty sweet perks to select from.

We will keep you posted to the exact release date for the Assassin Kayak Paddle.

Again, thanks for your continued support and dedication!

Paddle on my friends!



“Can Your Paddle Do That?” Assassin Kayak Paddle Micro-Video Campaign Starts

Can your paddle do  that?  A spinoff video marketing campaign for the Assassin Kayak Paddle is now on the Backwater Paddle Company YouTube Channel.

As you know, we are in the midst of assembling a professionally edited video for our upcoming crowd funding project.  We have collected hundreds of hours of the Assassin Kayak Paddle raw footage to be turned over to 65 Productions.   Their production team will edit it down to a three minute, high impact, video!

Most of the field video footage was shot in 20 to 60 second increments.  Why not put all that raw video to good use?  Perfect for little video snippets on YouTube.

Can your paddle do that?  A micro-video campaign, YouTube oriented, was inspired for the Assassin Kayak Paddles.  And its FREE!  Basically…can the competitions paddle do what the Assassin paddle does?  If not…time to go buy an Assassin Kayak Paddle!! 

Below is one of our first YouTube videos.  Kurt Horn, Backwater Paddle Company VP, came out for logistical assistance and field production.  It was hot and sweaty, sun glaring, the camera batteries died right after this video…I thought the shoot was a total waste.  I was wrong!

Hours and hours were spent trying to get decent field footage.  Filming from two moving boats presents a plethora of problems.  You can never figure the dynamics out.  Up, down, in, out, sideways, back, forth…FOCUS, forget about it!  Thankfully in Florida we were kayaking in skinny water (3 – 4 feet), and it just made sense to get out of the boat to shoot video.  It eliminated one half of the moving variables!

After reviewing the days’ shoot, we have access to all the short video clips.  Our main effort was to exploit, and video, the patented “hook and teeth” blade features.  We tried to find as many logical ways to demonstrate the blades versatility.

Afterwards, we decided to incorporate our efforts and put the video footage into another parallel marketing campaign.  Can your paddle do that?

You can visit the Backwater Paddle Company YouTube Channel to see the videos we have published to date.  Feel free to share them with your friends and family.

This video below came out pretty cool.  Remember there is NO professional editing done on any of these films.  The jankiness (guess that’s not a word) is what sets these videos apart!

The video below is another simple few second shot from the dock.  Its amazing what music does to the video.

This video below…no music, just the boat motor running.  As a matter of fact the boat was slowly drifting away from the dock while we were shooting.

Can your paddle do that?  A video campaign designed for social marketing.  Any way we can promote the Backwater Paddle Company brand and its products to the paddle sport masses, particularly for free, is a success.

We are still working on the crowd funding project.  Hope to have the video together in a couple of weeks.  Shooting for a Spring 2016 debut of the Assassin Kayak Paddles.

Thanks for your continued support.

Paddle on my friends!!

Ed Halm



Crowd Funding…Here We Come!

Assassin Kayak Paddles

“Backwater Paddle Company is seeking investors for our Assassin Kayak Paddle project.  We are looking for $100,000 to bring the full size kayak paddle to market.”

Funding…every entrepreneur and businessman’s bane!  Money is the grease that makes the wheels go round!  Seeking investors for your project’s future has worn the best men down.   Many ideas and dreams have been crushed for lack of money.   Empty bank accounts have brought down many small business’s to huge corporate entities.  Money is life…at least for the continued existence of your business!

Seeking investors to perpetuate the next “big thing” is a serious endeavor for every successful businessman.  You must always be growing.  You must always be thinking ahead.  Your competitors, and your customers, are not sitting around waiting for you to make a move.  Everyone has the idea…the next “big thing.” To make a move…requires money!!

Money is everywhere!   Getting it into your bank account is a whole another story!  This is where financial opportunities evolve according to knowledge, skills, determination, and luck.  Today, banks, credit unions, venture capitalist (VC), loans and crowd funding are the usual source for procuring investment funds.

Backwater Paddle Company has investigated VC’s and personal investors.  They want a sizable chunk of your company for their investment.  Banks and credit unions want monthly loan payments.  In lieu of payments and stock percentages, we have decided to bring the project to fruition via crowd funding. This is a relatively low risk approach to securing necessary funds for your project.

If you think your project is that “bad-ass”…why not invite the whole world to invest?”   “Well, here we go!”

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the two leading crowd funding sites for technology and sport related categories.  (You can link to the sites by scrolling onto their names)  Crowd funding is a process where individuals can pledge/invest into your project.  Instead of soliciting one investor for $100,000…we procure 1000+ investors for $100 each.

So, what do the investors receive in return for their investment?  Product.  In our case, the investors will receive a first run Assassin Kayak Paddle.  MSRP $139.  Basically they receive a $40 discount on the worlds “baddest” paddle…and get it first!!

Numbers!!  The only way this crowd funding works is in numbers!  We have to access tens of thousands of potential investors to get the 1000+ we need to move forward.  Fortunately we have over 12,000+ Backwater Paddle Company Face Book fans dedicated to paddle sports.  They all have friends and families.  We also have access to all our previous BPC customers contact information.   This is a good start.

Kayak Angler magazine and Paddling.net, two of the major media contributors to all things paddle sports, will also contribute to spreading the word.   Between the two, they have hundreds of thousands of subscribed customers waiting for the latest and greatest paddle sport products to hit the market.

A successful crowd funding campaign requires a “killer” video.  Every potential investor will peruse a 2 – 3 minute product video.  This product video has to relay maximum sensory visual impact in minimum time.  This requires professionals.   We will hire the necessary videographers and their expertise in composing this video.

Keep your eyes open for the crowd funding campaign!  Spread the word!!

As the Assassin Kayak Paddle continues its journey to market, we will keep you posted on our progress.  I always try to predict a debut date, but with so many factors still to be resolved…we are now hoping for spring.

The world waits…






Assassin Kayak Paddle – Revolutionary Design Unveiled

The Assassin Kayak Paddle, a full size kayak paddle, is Backwater Paddle Company’s latest paddle design.  Our innovative paddle projects continue to revolutionize the paddle sports market.

If you have seen our legendary Assault Hand Paddles…you would come to expect another very unique and functional designed paddle to follow.  As they preach in the engineering world…”form follows function,” and “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke!!”

Well, we just made the BEST kayak paddle…in the world!!

Our patented “hook and teeth” blade design, and proprietary raised graphics package not only contribute to function and aesthetics, but deliver the energy of the Assassin Kayak Paddle.

Assassin Kayak Paddle

Assassin Kayak Paddle prototypes showing left and right blade designs.

Backwater Paddle Company is known throughout the paddle sports industry for its legendary Assault Hand Paddles.   These unique hand paddles have revolutionized paddle sportsmen’s stealth and mobility.  Paddle sportsmen and kayak anglers utilize the compact and lightweight hand paddle to single-handedly maneuver their kayaks while continuing to stalk their prey.

Comparing the Assassin Kayak Paddle to the Assault Hand Paddle, you note the similarities in the proprietary blade design, with major differences in blade width and length.   Both paddles deliver in performance, yet convey that extreme “awesome” factor!!

Assassin vs Assault Paddles

Assassin Kayak Paddle and Assault Hand Paddle size comparison.

Big brother meet little brother!!  We wanted our kayak paddle to have the same features, and more abilities, than its little hand paddle brother.  We totally achieved success!!

Even better, with your Assassin Kayak Paddle, you now have total capability to paddle out to your fishing hole or hunting grounds, through the densest of brush and around obstacles.  You will be confident in knowing your kayak paddle will help grab, pull or push you…providing unparalleled mobility.  When on station, put the Assassin away, break out the Assault Hand Paddle…and continue fishing or hunting with unequalled stealth and mobility!!

The Assassin Kayak Paddle will be made from a 10% nylon infused polypropylene for strength and durability, with a UV additive for longevity.  The kayak blades are 7 1/2″ wide by 18″ long.  The patented blades will be attached to fiberglass or carbon fiber shafts, coming in standard 230, 240 and 250 cm lengths.  We will provide custom cut shaft lengths per customer order.

Assassin Kayak Paddle prototype

Assassin Kayak Paddle prototype, left blade, back side.

Through our diligent marketing and advertising campaigns, Backwater Paddle Company has grown to 80+ dealers spread around the nation, and 25+ international dealers.   This provides a solid platform for quickly introducing the Assassin Kayak Paddle into the paddle sports market.

MSRP $119 – $129.00  Available Winter 2015.

As more information and photos becomes available, we will post them accordingly.  If you want to become a Backwater Paddle Company dealer, contact Ed at ed@backwaterpaddles.com for more information.  Thanks for your continued support.

Paddle on my friends!!

Backwater Paddle Company Logo

Backwater Paddle Company R&D Making Next Move

Introducing the Assassin Kayak Paddle…the Assault Hand Paddles’ big brother!!

Coming Fall 2015!!

Assassin Kayak Paddle CAD photo.   Coming Fall 2015.

Assassin Kayak Paddle CAD photo. Left blade, power side.

The value of Assault Hand Paddles have been growing exponentially in the paddle sports community.  With our patented “hook and teeth” blade, raised graphics package, and fully functional design…the “awesome factor” is spreading like wild fire!!

Through our diligent marketing, and solid product strategy, we now have 80+ Backwater Paddle Company dealers spread around the nation, and increasing weekly!

According to the latest data from ICAST: The sport fishing industry generated 53.5 billion dollars in 2014. Kayak anglers currently account for 7-12% of all anglers. The number of kayakers in North America is approximately 8 million.  Do  the math…there is some serious money for the taking out there!!

We continue, as an industry, to try and provide all the latest paddle sports equipment, gear and accessories to the paddle sportsman, and sportswoman.   Every year the outdoor retail industry promotes shows and expos devoted to new products and innovations.

Perusing all the latest paddle sports marketing material, most of the research and development has been applied toward kayak designs and redesigns, as well as kayaking accessories.

Paddle design, more or less, has been simply relegated to the paddle shaft connections.  Paddle manufacturers seemed to have figured out 20 different ways to connect your paddle shaft halves together.  Basic research and development of blade design, and blade materials, have pretty much all been played out over the years.

Backwater Paddle Company will not be a one-hit wonder in the paddle sports market. Our Assault Hand Paddles patented blade design solved a stealth and mobility issue.

As a small business, we listened to the paddle sportsmen, worked diligently at identifying the problem, and provided an extremely functional solution. Again we are listening…introducing the Assassin Kayak Paddle.  Backwater Paddle Company has been diligently working on a new paddle design. The Assassin, a full size kayak paddle with the patented “hook and teeth” blade design, and raised graphics package is in the works.

Assassin Kayak Paddle

Assassin Kayak Paddle CAD photo.  Left blade, front and back.

As we state…our paddles are revolutionizing paddle sportsmen’s stealth and mobility!  They will be BADASS…100% guaranteed!!

We are looking towards Fall 2015 to introduce our Assassin Kayak Paddle to the paddle sports community. We will keep you posted as to their unveiling.

Thanks for your continued support!  Paddle on my friends!!