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Laceration puts kayak paddle company owner down!


Backwater Paddle Company Logo

Who would of thought how fast your life can change?  The slip of a six inch paring knife almost ended Backwater Paddle Company and its paddle products as we know them now.  As the owner of this paddle company, and recipient of the potentially devastating injury, I have come to realize that the sole existence of Backwater Paddles is locked up within my own realm.

Think about it.  Would this paddle company cease to exist at this early stage without me?    For the past two years, I have been solely responsible for taking this unique paddle concept and company to fruition.  No one else knows where this company stands in the market as well as I do.  Even though Liz, who saved my life and is my partner, hears everyday what goes on with Backwater Paddles, she could never remotely sit here at this keyboard and figure out where the paddle company is in the scheme of things.  Know one knows how many hours have been relentlessly spent working the Internet, the manufacturers, the marketers, the consumers, all networking to put a concept into place.

Now what?  I guess keeping myself out of harms way and staying alive is paramount to Backwater Paddle Company’s future.  However, at what point do you, or can you, hand a fledgling enterprise over to someone else?  Quite unfortunately, I am the only available resource for Backwater Paddle Company at this juncture.  There is just not enough room at this computer keyboard for two of us!  I have no one looking over my shoulder, providing me direction or feedback.  Everything this company represents does not come from a “playbook” that anyone has access to.  The playbook is upstairs!  This is what it is so frightening about starting a new venture.  Success or performance generally relies on ONE person to take the steer by the horns and get the job done.  Now, I know some are wondering…if you pass on…why would you remotely care about what or where your company is. 

I suppose it boils down to a legacy.  Maybe it is the nature of entrepreneurs to have survivor-ship of their endeavors, dreams and projects.  Whether or not Liz takes over, my son Sean or my daughter Amanda take over…I first have to get this kayak paddle company up to a full blown running enterprise.  

Questioning my existence in the paddle sports world reflects upon nothing until Backwater Paddles is operational.  To ensure this happens, I’d better stay smart, stay healthy and stay away from sharp knives! 

 I survived the latest act of my own stupidity…NOW I have to get my ass back to marketing and get Backwater Paddle Company into the paddle sports market arena!!   By the way, if you ever notice a huge scar on my arm…you know the story!  See you on the water!!

Kayak paddle break…had a tour today!

I love when I have the opportunity to take guests kayak paddling.  As a part time kayak eco-guide, I take extreme pleasure on getting on the water whenever I can.  Not only does it give me some cash, but gets me outdoors to refresh my soul.  I feel like I get cabin fever if I don’t paddle frequently. It is definitely one of my favorite things to do on a budget on Oahu island, beautiful waters and both sunrise and sunset are view able in one day if you plan it right.  But I’m here,  basically running Backwater Paddles from my man cave, as Liz, my paddling partner, calls my office.  Primarily everything I do is from my computer at this stage.  Until I can get this company up and into manufacturing, behind this computer I have to stay.  I cannot imagine ever having to sit in a cubicle all day long!!

Back on the Backwater Paddles marketing process…I have ran into some really neat individuals via networking who are interested in promoting and writing articles about our lightweight fishing kayak and hand paddle products.   One fellow named Paul Lebowitz, an outdoor writer and photographer, was the first individual expressing the desire to try our Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles.  I can’t thank him enough for the exposure that I’m sure he will bring to Backwater Paddles.  As a start-up paddle sports company, having a product that someone is interested in promoting is very beneficial to lending credence to your company.

That is one of the way’s I have in trying to gain exposure with my paddle company.  Networking and  providing complimentary paddles to potential customers and industry leads is a must.   I am not saying kissing someones ass will or will not help promote your project…but I feel if you have to kiss someones ass to promote your product…it probably was not worth promoting or having the product in the first place!

Networking with the computer, part of my marketing strategy, has proven fruitful.  I cannot imagine bringing my company to where it is now without a computer!  The information found is boundless.  All you have to do is have the patince and resourcefullness to keep looking and asking.  Pretty much anything that can assist your company can be found for free or for very little costs.

Till we meet again…if you have any information or cool sites to help market or anything else, please let me know!!  Paddle On!!

I Am A One Man Marketing Team!

NOTE:  If you have in your mind to start a kayak paddle company or any other paddle sports company, this blog site from Backwater Paddle Company is for you.  Heck, even if you are not starting a paddle spports company, just starting ANY company is challenging! 

Backwater Paddles was first conceived in 2007.   That was way before I knew of blogs, facebook, twitter and SEO.  As I blog about my daily and weekly trials, I will fill you and catch you up as to how Backwater Paddles got this far. 

Of course, always feel free to contact me about questions, networking or just sharing your pain!  If you have some revolutionary paddle or marketing ideas…I am all ears!!

Tell you what…it takes all you have in resources and networking to get your company name out into the public domain.  It also helps if you have large chunks of cash!

Large chunks of cash, I don’t have.  I spent all my dollars getting to where we are today.   I am forced to be extremely resourceful and get all the marketing I can get on the cheap, or for nothing, if I can! 

2010 is the year of the paddles!  We are making our debut into the paddle sports market by introducing our Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles to the kayak angler community.  Fortunately we have got some decent attention lately due to a press release we sent out a couple of weeks ago.  That has lead to some interviews.  Now all I have to do is turn this exposure into $$$$$$$$$!

I am stil working on that, so stay tuned!

Predator Kayak Paddle Prototype

Went kayak paddling today with some guests from Wyoming and Wisconsin.  We had a really good time as the weather was fantastic.  Two of the guests were experienced kayak paddlers and the other two were canoers, ex-canoers, now!   I always padddle with my Raptor Kayak paddle prototype.  It always gets some attention.  Of course, these guests were extremely curious about the design, so I let them paddle with the Raptor.  They always get a kick out of it.   We did not see any mammals…dolphins or manatees.

Press Release for BPC!!

BPC has finally posted its first press release regarding its paddles and company.  The press release can be read from our website.   It basically tells about our kayak paddles and kayak fishing hand paddles, along with some company information.  Good for our marketing!

Windy As All Hell!!

We had a small 5 person tour today.  Thankfully they all had paddle skills.  The wind was whipping out of the west, giving us huge waves (inland)  Everyone got a good soaking!   Did not see anything.  No mantees or dolphins and just a few birds.  Way to windy!!