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Backwater Paddle Company’s Predator and Piranha Fishing Hand Paddles Solve Kayak Anglers Dilemma!


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Backwater Paddle Company was presented a problem that was all too often encountered in the evolving kayak fishing and sportsmen communities.  How do you paddle your kayak and keep fishing?  How do you move silently while photographing from a kayak?  How do you stealthily hunt from a kayak?

Paddle or fish?  Paddle or shoot? All kayak sportsmen have experienced the difficulty of paddling your kayak while holding your fishing rod, gun or camera.  It takes two hands to wrangle a seven foot kayak paddle, no matter how you hold it.  Something has to be set down to do the other.  Throw in a fishing pole or gun and you soon realize you need three hands! 

Backwater Paddle Company is providing answers to the kayak paddle sportsmen’s dilemma.  The Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles were developed for the kayak angler and sportsmen to easily move their boat while continuing to fish, photograph or hunt. 

The demand for kayak fishing hand paddles was born from necessity.  You can see the latest innovation in kayak fishing accessories at

Ed Halm, Backwater Paddle Company owner was fortunate enough to find his company in the midst of the explosion of paddle sports.  Ed is no stranger to adversity.  As a retired US Navy survival instructor, kayak eco-tour guide and patented paddle designer, providing solutions to paddling problems is his passion. 

With his vast paddling and military survival experience, Ed is usually found on the water, working directly with sportsmen, identifying potential paddling problems and providing distinctive solutions to the paddle sports market in an immeasurable way.  

The vision of Backwater Paddles is “not to just be another paddle manufacturer, but rather a cultural phenomenon in paddle innovation.”

Kayak fishing, is one of the fastest growing water sports today.  Kayak fishermen, also known as kayak anglers, and kayak sportsmen require specialty equipment, gear and accessories to effectively pursuit their sport.   Kayakers, anglers and sportsmen merged concepts and technologies.  Kayak fishing hand paddles evolved. 

Backwater Paddle Company and other paddle sport manufacturers are rapidly developing and introducing new paddle equipment, gear and accessories to satisfy this exploding outdoor water sports market. 

The concept of fishing hand paddles originated from intrepid kayak anglers solving this problem with ping pong paddles, Kadema paddles, modified badminton racquets and the sort.  Kayak sportsmen quickly realized they could hold their fishing rod and with the other hand paddle their kayak stealthily toward their prey. 

 Stow that unwieldy kayak paddle.  Place a small and lightweight kayak fishing hand paddle between your legs or close by.  Effortlessly move your kayak with one hand while continuing to fish, photograph or hunt, without spooking the wildlife.

As you begin your foray into kayak fishing, hunting or photography, do your research.  Peruse the internet, talk to local anglers and sportsmen.  Visit local outfitters and try various kayak platforms and fishing hand paddles.  That little effort will certainly make your next kayak sporting adventure more rewarding and memorable. 

Visit to purchase Backwater Paddle’s Predator or Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles.  

Dealerships and ground floor investment opportunities are available.  Paddle shops, outfitters and prospective investors can contact Ed Halm at Backwater Paddle Company for further information. 

Paddle With Attitude…Paddle Anywhere!!

Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles Solve “Kayak Angler’s Dilemma” For Under $20!

Fishing with Predator Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle

“Kayak fishing hand paddles do what?”  I first asked myself after hearing about them.  “That’s all they cost?”  I questioned, once I heard the story and realized their benefit!

How many kayak fishermen have struggled with their ability to hold their fishing pole and paddle their kayak at the same time? 

Think about it.  Can you hold your fishing rod and paddle your kayak at the same time? 

“This is going to be hilarious” The line was ripping off and the big red was hell bent for the mangrove roots.  Sitting in a saltwater lagoon ten yards away, I mused at what was unfolding.  “The look on Andy’s face as he tried to grab his kayak paddle, hold his fishing rod, fight the fish, and figure out how to do it all with two hands was priceless!”

To Andy’s credit, he did finally manage to land a nice thirty inch redfish.  Despite the fact that during that melee, he dropped his kayak paddle, had to get out of his boat, lost one shoe and waded at least 25 yards!  Fish on Andy!

It takes two hands to wrangle a seven foot kayak paddle, no matter how you hold it.  Throw in a fishing pole, and you soon realize you need three hands!  Paddling your kayak and fishing at the same time became a comedy on the water.

Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles are the answer to the kayak angler’s dilemma.  The introduction of these revolutionary designed paddles has brought simplicity, mobility and stealth into the kayak fishing arena.

This paddle or fish dilemma has finally been addressed.  Kayak fishing hand paddle designs evolved from experienced kayak anglers and sportsmen working closely with the paddle sports manufacturing community. 

Valiant efforts in backyard paddle design have resulted in ping pong paddles, Kadema paddles, and other modified racquet devices temporarily fulfilling the kayak paddling quandary.  These pioneering anglers could hold onto their fishing rod and with the other hand paddle their boat stealthily.

The kayak fishing hand paddle is a compact and lightweight paddle, specifically designed to use with one hand, while keeping the fishing pole in the other.   This simple concept to a complex problem is revolutionizing the sport of kayak fishing.  

Once you rig up and wet your line, stow away that seven foot, cumbersome kayak paddle.  Place your compact kayak fishing hand paddle close by.  When it is time to maneuver your kayak, a few silent strokes of your kayak fishing hand paddle places you back on target.  You were stealthy, kept fishing and never spooked your prey.  Halleluiah!

Using kayak fishing hand paddles in open waters, where drift control is essential, hand paddles provide simple, one handed tracking.  Stick the hand paddle in the water and the blade acts like a basic rudder.  No fumbling or cross body flailing a seven foot kayak paddle.

The beauty of the kayak fishing hand paddle solution is the cost!  These hand paddles provide more benefit for the cost than any other kayak fishing accessory sold for under $20.00! 

For less than a handful of lures, one simple paddle will change your whole kayak fishing game plan.  Paddle one handed, chase stealthily and keep fishing.  

Yes, you can fish and paddle at the same time, inexpensively! 

See Backwater Paddle Company about their Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles.  Available Now!!

10 Reasons You Need A Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle!


Predator Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle in action.

Have you ever tried holding a fishing pole, gun or camera and paddle your kayak a few yards?  It is a very complicated effort.  Try to fish, hunt, or photograph while paddling a kayak at the same time!  You have to put something down to do the other!

“It was a fishing comedy on water.”  I mused from afar.  Jim was on the salt water flats flailing a seven foot kayak paddle.  He was trying to hold onto an eight foot fishing pole while chasing a redfish through the mangroves.   I thought to myself, “He needs another hand to juggle that kayak paddle and hold his rod.”

Paddle or fish?  Paddle or shoot?  This is the kayak fisherman’s dilemma!

All kayak fishermen and sportsmen have experienced the difficulty of paddling your kayak and holding your fishing rod. After reading this review of fly fishing rods, i was able to find the best rod for kayaking. No matter how you “fore arm wrestle” or “cross body flail” that seven foot kayak paddle, it still requires two hands.

The question baffling the kayak fishing community is how do you hold onto your eight foot fishing rod with one hand and stealthily paddle your kayak with the other? 

“It became readily apparent that kayak fishermen and sportsmen did not realize there was a hand paddle being developed to make their next fishing experience  more rewarding!”

This is when the Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle concept was launched.

Kayak fishing hand paddles are the straightforward solution to the kayak angler and sportsmen’s dilemma. 

Below are the TOP TEN reasons why you need a Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle:

  1. Simple, one handed paddle operation.  Stow away that 7 foot kayak paddle.
  2. Keep fishing.  Never put down your fishing pole.
  3. Stealthy paddling.  No flailing an awkward kayak paddle to scare away fish.
  4. Short distance mobility.  Why use a 7 foot kayak paddle to move a few yards?
  5. Open water drift control.  Steer & control drift with the fishing hand paddles.
  6. Retrieving lines.  Reach out and grab those mono filament and braided lines.
  7. Grabbing onto structures.  Use the hook to pull, attach, snatch, & drag anything.
  8. Pushing off obstacles.  Use the teeth for positive purchase while shoving off.
  9. Small and lightweight.  Weighing between 6-7 ounces vs. a 2–3 lb kayak paddle.
  10. Backup emergency paddle.  For who knows when?

“Having that kayak fishing hand paddle at my side and readily available was the difference between just good ole time fishing and an awesome kayak fishing experience!”

It is truly amazing how having that one paddle, a kayak fishing hand paddle, has made all the difference in stealthily moving your kayak without spooking your prey!  Who would of thought?  

Backwater Paddles has the inexpensive solution to solve your kayak fishing problems!

Try our Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles.  Yes, you can paddle and fish!

Go to to solve your kayak fishing problems today!

Paddle one handed, chase stealthily…keep fishing!  Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles!