Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles Are Out There!

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Looks like Backwater Paddle Company is making headway into the paddle sports market.  Our Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles are capturing the interest of  kayak anglers and sportsmen nationwide.   So far we have been fortunate enough to meet and network with three awesome individuals who are making an impact on the future of Backwater Paddle Company.

Backwater Paddles is c0-sponsoring two large kayak fishing tournaments in the southeast.  We have to thank our tournament directors for allowing us this privilege to provide our kayak fishing hand paddles to the kayak anglers and sportsmen participating. 

We would like to thank Tony Narcisse of the Georgia Kayak Fishing Trail at www.kayakfishingtrail.com.  Tony provided Backwater Paddle Company the opportunity to present our Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles to the tournament participants and winners.  We are providing kayak fishing hand paddles at all four legs of the Georgia tournament trail.  We wish the best of luck to Tony and all the kayak angling participants.

We hope to meet some of the participants and other sponsors at one of the four Georgia legs.  We will get with Tony when we have solidified our upcoming road schedule.  Check with Tony or myself for more information.

Drew Gregory of  the RiverBassinTrail.com deserves a special thanks from Backwater Paddle Company.  Drew has been extremely patient and helpful by mentoring Backwater Paddles in the big leagues of paddle sports marketing.  Drew has provided personal guidance and direction to achieve the maximum results from our sponsorship campaign.  He has taken a personal interest in the future of the Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles.   We look forward to working with Drew and Deep Creek Ventures as well as Bass Pro Shops in our future marketing campaigns.

Backwater Paddle Company plans to be at the Birmingham, Alabama leg of this kayak fishing tournament.   Look for Kurt and myself at the Bass Pro Shop in Birmingham and at various launch sites throughout the area.  

Another stalwart partner in Backwater Paddles fledgling marketing campaign has been Brian Van Drie from Kayak Online at www.kayakonline.com/paddles.  Brian has been coaching us, very patiently I might add, in our paddle sports online presence.   Kayak Online has been there from day 1 and continues to support and provide growth opportunities for our paddle sports company.  We look forward to a long and prosperous future with Kayak Online.

It is a pleasure and honor to mention the above three individuals with regards to the future of Backwater Paddle Company.

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