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AWESOME Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle YouTube Video!!

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Ty Southerland, pro angler and videographer, from 30 Miles Out, put together this totally awesome video review about the Backwater Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles!

A few months ago Ty contacted Backwater Paddles and wanted to do a review of our kayak fishing hand paddles.   Of course, not wanting to pass up on a prospective product review, I sent Ty some paddles and waited.  I actually forgot! 

WOW, was I pleasently surprised by his video review, as you will be too!

Check this video out.  It will turn skeptics into believers!!


I can’t thank Ty enough for his time and consideration in providing the review and promoting Backwater Paddle Company and our paddle products. 

Thanks Ty!!  I hope to see you on the water one day my friend!!

GKF Meets Again With BPC on 2010 Kayak Fishing Tournament Trail

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The Georgia Kayak Fishing (GKF) organization and Backwater Paddle Company (BPC) will meet again, this time at Lake Oconee, Georgia.  Visit the Kayak Fishing Trail website at for more information about entering the tournament or providing sponsorship.

Tony Narcissee ( is the contact for any and all information about this fishing tournament.

This is the last leg of a statewide kayak fishing tournament that spanned four Georgia fishing regions spread over six months.  The first leg  began last March at Lake Harding.  The final leg, September 17th and 18th, is being played out at Lake Oconee, in central Georgia.

Backwater Paddles is providing kayak fishing hand paddles to the local kayak angling entrants as prizes. 

This is to all you Georgia kayak anglers…come out and support paddle sports and kayak fishing in your beautiful state!!

See you all there in a couple of weeks!  Paddle on my friends!!

Ed Halm