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World Fishing Network Posts Hand Paddle Reviews

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All product reviews of our paddles are very much appreciated!!  Backwater Paddle Company truly appreciates all the time and consideration that goes into product testing and reviews of our paddles.

Jamie Pistilli, pro kayak angler of the World Fishing Network (WFN), provided an awesome review of the Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles earlier this year.

Jamie Pistilli has been fishing the waters of North America and the Caribbean for over 20 years, and although he has caught everything from tarpon to sharks, his specialty is trophy musky and carp fishing. Jamie is the host of WFN’s new show, Big City Fishing which is coming out in June 2010. Jamie appeared on The New Fly Fisher and The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons and was featured on the award winning DVD Game ON a Kayak Fishing Movie. He has been featured in numerous fishing publications including the cover of Ontario Out Of Doors and is a regional editor for Kayak Angler Magazine. He’s also a member of the Ocean Kayak Pro Team, and an active advisor, guide and fishing consultant in Ottawa, Ontario.

Below is Jamie’s review of the Predator and Piranha hand Paddles:

Thanks Jamie and the World Fishing Network for your continued support.  Paddle on my friends!!