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Gift Ideas For the Kayak Angler, by, a website dedicated to kayak fishing in the northeast tidal areas, from Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and North Carolina selected our hand paddles for their “Gift Ideas” for kayak fishermen. If your man likes to fish at night then get him some really awesome night vision gear.

Hand Paddles

Backwater Paddle Company Hand Paddles
Backwater Paddle company has produced two hand paddles that allow you to maneuver the kayak while still keeping a hand on your fishing rod. I have been using them for a few months now and they are great inexpensive addition to you kayak fishing arsenal. Back water makes two version of this paddle the Predator, which has a square design, is touted for use on Sit In Kayaks (SINKs). The Piranha which has a longer asymmetrical design is the preferred paddle for Sit On Top kayaks (SOTs). Both paddles are designed with a built in Hook for retrieving fishing lines, anchor lines, etc. The Piranha sports a scalloped blade edge for pushing off of rocks, pilings, etc. What a great present for the kayak angler who has it all. MSRP is $24.95. Their website is

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