Backwater Paddle Company Truck Photos

Waiting in the grass!

Looking AWESOME!!  Just recently had the Backwater Paddle Company Truck wrapped.  Terry Griffith from Colossal Signs of Cocoa Beach, Florida designed and attached the wrap over a couple of day period.

I have been so busy, that I finally just got some time to head down to the St Johns River and take some pics.  The early morning sun and the St Johns River watershed provided the lighting and backdrop.

Watching You!!

 If you haven’t noticed…the two sides are wrapped differently.  The passenger side is the Piranha and the drivers side the Predator model.

Looking Bad-ass!!

 I can’t believe all the attention the Backwater Paddle Truck wrap draws.   As a matter of fact, I have to get used to everyone staring at me while driving down the road!  No I have to consciously drive the truck in “normal” (foot out of the throttle) mode because all the attention it draws!!

The Backwater Paddle Company Truck is making the rounds throughout the southeast tournament trails.  Hope to see you one day.  Paddle on my friends!!

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