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New Assault Hand Paddle Debuts for Backwater Paddle Company

The Assault Hand Paddle by Backwater Paddle Company.  Change is always inevitable! 

What we really hope for, is that the change is for the better!  The Assault Hand Paddle reflects the latest changes Backwater Paddle Company is making to their legendary kayak fishing hand paddle collection. 

The latest designed BPC hand paddles will be made from plastic.  The Assault will replace the original, hand made, wooden Predator Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles.  The Predator lead the kayak fishing hand paddle evolution.   With the explosion of water sports, particularly kayak angling, the boats have grown larger to accommodate their environments.  Larger boats have made the shorter Predator paddle almost obsolete.

Assault Hand Paddle

New BPC Paddle...Assault Hand Paddle

 Below is the physical differences between the Assault and Piranha Hand Paddles.  The plastic Assault Hand Paddle will be 2″ longer and 1/2″ wider than the wooden Piranha. 

Assault Hand Paddle vs Piranha Hand Paddle

 The Assault Hand Paddles will be available Spring 2012.

ASSAULT…New Backwater Paddle Company Hand Paddle To Debut In Spring 2012

Sneak Preview of the Assault Hand Paddle by Backwater Paddle Company.
Notice the AWESOME graphics package on the blade!!
New Assault Hand Paddle by Backwater Paddle Company

New Hand Paddle Design

 The Assault Hand Paddle will be made from plastic, increasing its durability and fear factor!!

The Assault Hand Paddle will be available Spring 2012, with a MSRP of $24.95

The Paddle Matters!!