Assault Hand Paddle Manufacturing Finally Underway!

At last, the Backwater Paddle Company’s Assault Hand Paddle will be manufactured, and made here in the good ole USA!  I have to tell you this has been quite an evolution in bringing these plastic hand paddles to the paddle sports market.

Back in late 2011, the original manufacturing option was to have the paddles made overseas.  The process was explored with the help of another sporting goods manufacturer who has some of his product made in China.  The process became labored, the communications was sub par, answers were not being provided and this was even before we signed any paperwork!!

Holy smokes, we have already had three months into the overseas Assault project and the ride was bumpy!  Being a retired military man, having a bullet proof action plan and readily executing the plan should be routine.  So the thought process went!  Of course with all plans, failure is sometimes an option due to circumstances out of your control.  This was on of those times!  Time to abort the mission, regroup, lick our wounds and re-plan.

Again, being a retired military man, I wanted our product to be made here in the states.  The overseas connection just made so much more sense initially because of the financial advantage of overseas production.  So the thought went!  After weighing all the wasted time, confusion and not to mention the extravagant overseas shipping charges…it became apparent to stay at home.  I could pick up the phone and get an answer, the language barrier was not present and now I can just drive up to Georgia and pick up my paddles!  Booyah!!

Peliton Plastics from Valdosta, Georgia agreed to make the Assault paddle molds and produce the plastic paddles at their manufacturing plant.  Booyah!!  Again, time has been wasted for our initial spring offering.  Peliton believes the paddles will be ready in about eight weeks…sometime in July 2012. News moves fast in the industry, articles posted on are already talking about smart versions.  As antsy as I have been for the  Assault Hand Paddle to hit the market, I can only patiently wait knowing we done the right thing and had the paddles made here in the good ole USA!!

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