Monthly Archives: December 2012

Assault Hand Paddle “Still” Coming Soon!!

Backwater Paddle Company’s first plastic paddle, the Assault Hand Paddle, is still working its way through the tooling process.  Having talked to the machinist a few weeks ago, the tooling process has been heavy duty!  The process is labor intensive.

Who would of thought that this mold tooling would have taken so long?  Quotes on tooling time came in as little as three months and we are still tooling six months later!   Are we in over our head, I ask?  Do any other plastic manufacturers have this dillemma? 

Not knowing the mold tooling market, it is in the best interest to shop around and find a qualified machinist and company that supports your project.  Like I have described in previous blog posts, shit happens!   Get a good feel for your machinist and hope that he can perform as promised.  Once they have your money and begin work on your mold, you are at their mercy! 

Below is a photo of 1/2 half of the Assault Hand Paddle mold taken a few weeks ago.  The other half should be complete this month.