Assault Hand Paddle Revolution Is On!

Backwater Paddle Company reached a major milestone in its corporate development. The Assault Hand Paddle has arrived!  After nearly a year of waiting and endless manufacturing delays, it is an exciting moment in the evolution of paddle sports.

The Assault Hand Paddle is revolutionizing paddle sportsmen’s stealth and mobility.   The only paddle designed for paddle sportsmen seeking stealth and close quarter mobility.  The plastic paddles distinctive visual appeal and raised graphic design sets it apart from all other paddles in the paddle sports market.

Assault Hand Paddle Floating

The paddle matters!  Some say the Assault Hand Paddle’s unique and versatile blade design is a cross between medieval weapon and sports racquet.  Whatever your observation regarding this state-of-the-art paddle, it is 100% efficient.  The unparalleled blade design evolved out of physical necessity.   Paddle sportsmen needed a smaller and more functional paddle while battling tight spaces and repositioning their kayak or canoe.

The Assault Hand Paddles patented “hook and teeth” blade design provides the ultimate tool for kayak anglers, hunters and photographers.  The lightweight and compact hand paddle provides a one-handed option to position their boat for maximum maneuverability and productivity.  The single-handed paddling option allows the paddle sportsman to continue to fight fish, hunt ducks or shoot photos while staying on target.

Backwater Paddle Company’s patented “hook” blade design permits grabbing, snagging or snatching objects to retrieve or position your craft.  The paddles “teeth” provide positive purchase while pushing or shoving off objects.

The genesis of the Assault Hand Paddle came from its former wooden siblings, the Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles.  These earlier generation wood paddles were proof of concept that seven foot paddles were not the answer for every paddle sportsman.  With the rapid growth of paddle sports, it became evident paddle sportsmen needed a smaller, more compact and practical paddle in their daily endeavors.

To enhance product and market availability, the plastic Assault Hand Paddle was designed incorporating the innovative features of Backwater Paddle Company’s prior wood hand paddles.   Not only did we want a completely functional plastic paddle, but a paddle that created the “wow” factor.   With plastic, we had an opportunity to make an awesome visual statement, as well as product longevity.

New Assault Hand Paddle by Backwater Paddle Company

New Hand Paddle Design

The Assault Hand Paddle will retail for $29.95.  We expect to have them in outdoor retail and big box stores later this year.  As of now, they can be purchased from Backwater Paddle Company’s web store.

Backwater Paddle Company’s future includes a kayak paddle, canoe paddle and SUP paddle. They will all incorporate the patented “hook and teeth” blade design, as well as the awesome raised graphics package.

Backwater Paddle Company is looking for paddle sport pro staffers, representatives, wholesalers and distributors willing to use, introduce and disseminate our products into the paddle sports market.  Contact Ed at Backwater Paddle Company for further information.   You can visit our website or place an order at   The Paddle Matters!

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