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Assault Hand Paddle Touring the World

Assault Hand Paddle Floating

Since the Assault Hand Paddle debut earlier this year, our unique hand paddles have been purchased all around the globe by the international kayak angling community.   Australia has been hot on the hand paddles since their inception.   As Australia considers itself one of the extreme locations around the world,  these awesome looking paddles have captured their attention.

Backwater Paddle Company is setting up a distributor in Australia.   Colin Linton, a Backwater Paddle Company loyalist, has been working with us for years in promoting our paddles to the folks Down Under.    Colin has stepped up to lead the Assault Hand Paddle revolution to his Australian and New Zealand kayak fishing community.

BCF (Boating, Camping and Fishing) is like the stateside Bass Pro Shops, Gander Mountain or Academy Sports shops for the Australian sportsmen.  Colin is working on introducing the Assault Hand Paddle into the larger sporting goods brick and mortar stores around their country.

Carlos Cianchini, a fellow kayak angler from Micronesia, recently purchased a set of Assault Hand Paddles and is posting his hand paddle adventures.  Where in the hell is Micronesia, you ask?  Is there a Macronesia?  All I know that these islands are somewhere north of Australia.

Of course our neighbors up north, Canada, have been all over the Assault Hand Paddle.   You would think having a mutually shared border would make shipping easy and cheap.   It seems to take forever for our paddle sportsmen in the Great White North to receive their paddle orders?  I can get the paddles to the border in two days…after that it,  takes about two weeks for the Canadian post service to get them the rest of the way.  Wonder why?

Brazil, UK, Spain and Italy are a few more countries where the Assault Hand Paddle revolution is taking hold.   Spread the word!!

The Assault Hand Paddle revolution is ON!!