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Assault Hand Paddle Wins “Best of Show” at 2013 AFTA Trade Show in Australia

The Assault Hand Paddle Revolution is ON!!

Backwater Paddle Company Logo

Backwater Paddle Company Logo

The 2013 Australian Fishing and Tackle Association Trade Show (AFTA) demonstrated to the kayak fishing community that the Assault Hand Paddles are making a grand entrance into the paddle sport community.

Assault Hand Paddle AFTA Award

Assault Hand Paddle won “Best of Show” at the Australian Fishing and Tackle Association Trade Show.

Colin Linton from My Little Tackle Emporium (MLTE), the Backwater Paddle Company Australian distributor, entered the Assault Hand Paddles into the show.   Colin has been involved with Backwater Paddle Company since its inception.  He has diligently been promoting our paddle products and marketing our brand Down Under when the wood hand paddles were first introduced.

BLADE Kayak Fishing Journal, the premier kayak angling magazine Down Under, promoted the Assault Hand Paddle in their latest edition.  Thanks to Justin Wilmer and his crew for publishing such a fine magazine.

Funny as it may seem, the Australian kayak fishing community has really latched on to the extreme looking Assault Kayak Fishing and Paddle.   We certainly appreciate all their time and consideration in choosing our hand paddles for their kayak fishing adventures.

The Assault Hand Paddle Revolution is ON!!

Assault Hand Paddle Review By Tony Hart, Professional Kayak Angler

Tony Hart, Backwater Paddle Company professional rep, took the time to evaluate and provide a product review for the new Assault Hand Paddle.  Below is his take on how the new hand paddle works for him.

Product Review: Assault Hand Paddle

 “The Assault Hand Paddle from Backwater Paddle Company is an innovative tool that is perfect for kayak anglers.  It doesn’t matter if you’re trekking down a narrow creek in the deep reaches of the Florida wilderness or need a little help maneuvering your kayak while fighting a trophy fish, the Assault Hand Paddle will get the job done.  It’s the brainchild of former US Navy survival instructor, Ed Halm, who envisioned the idea one day while paddling a local river in Central Florida.  Ultimately, when Ed asked if I would take a look over and test the paddle out, I jumped at the opportunity.  Here’s my take on the Assault Hand Paddle from Backwater Paddle Company.

Initially, the paddle has a very unique look to it.  A “hook” on one side, and a toothed edge on the other side provide the angler with the ability to grab and/or pull away debris that is in the way.  It’s fairly light, and has the ability to float which is always a positive in the kayaking world.  For my testing purposes in the saltwater creeks of NE Florida, I was impressed with its overall ability.  I was able to use the toothed side to help with pushing off of and away from dock pilings and oyster beds.  The hook end was valuable in that it was able to assist in unhooking a jighead that was hung up in an oyster bed.   The hand paddle proved its worthiness in that it was much more easier to handle rather than my 240cm Accent Paddle.  Having the ability to be able to hold your rod with one hand and easily right yourself with a smaller tool earned the Assault Hand Paddle a thumb’s up.

Assault Hand Paddle

The other cool part of this paddle is the ability to help right yourself when fighting a fish.  We who fish for redfish know that they are a fierce-some fighting fish, with the ability to make several nice runs in several different directions.  When staked out, this can be somewhat cumbersome, especially when trying to keep tension on the fishing rod and maneuver your regular kayak paddle.  I’m sure there’s many of you who will agree with me that this can be a daunting task to say the least.  With the Assault Hand Paddle, this aggravation is a thing of the past.  Having something that is quickly deployed and easy to use to get your next trophy fish landed is of the utmost importance to a kayak angler, and the Assault Hand Paddle fits that billing.

Overall, I was very impressed with the product from Backwater Paddle Company, and will definitely recommend using the Assault Hand Paddle to the kayak fishing community.”

Assault Hand Paddle Floating

Thanks Tony for your time and consideration!  Paddle on my friend!!

The Assault Hand Paddle Revolution is ON!!