Backwater Paddle Company Debuts New Web Site

Looking Bad-ass!!

Looking Bad-ass!!

You NEVER get a second chance to make a first impression!!

Welcome to 2014!!  It is all about branding!!  You must impress at first sight.  The first thing a customer or guest investigating your brand visits, is your company website.  Backwater Paddle Company’s 2008 designed web site has been upgraded, renovated, elevated, improved, refurbished, revamped…plain old modernized!!

Check this out…Backwater Paddle Company’s new web site!  Times are a changing!!

Thankfully, right underneath my nose…my “adolescent” nephew.  Brandon, who seemingly grew up over night…now is a full grown man working in the computer programming and design industry.  Without any fan fare, he hinted at trashing my six year old “clunky and boxy” web site, and getting with the times!

Without hesitation, I green lighted his enthusiasm and gave him full artistic license.  Within a couple of weeks, he presented his vision.  I knew anything would be better than before.  His design far exceeded my expectations!!   The best part, besides the smooth and fluid layout…the visitor can access all the Backwater Paddle Company social sites and blog from the web site.  Of course, you can be the judge of that!!

Along with branding our company…Backwater Paddle Company continues to support the kayak angling community by sponsoring local and national tournaments.  We have been invited to sponsor one of the nations largest kayak fishing tournaments in 2015.  The Kayak Fishing Classics is a multi-leg, multi date, tournament with national finals held at Tampa Bay.

We continue our march forward with full expectations that Backwater Paddle Company will transform the worlds paddle sports market!  Thanks for all your support!!

Paddle on my friends!!

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