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2017 Year of the Assassin

Santa's Orange Assault Hand Paddle

Santa’s Orange Assault Hand Paddle

From Backwater Paddle Company to all of our families, friends and fans…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

To all of our overseas dealers, friends and fans…Feliz Navidad (Spanish), Joyex Noel (French), Buone Feste Natalaizia (Italian) and Froeliche Weihnacten (German)!!  Thanks for your continued dedication and support!

To say we are excited about the New Year is an understatement.  2017 promises to bring new adventures, new products and new attitudes!

Assassin Kayak Paddle

Assassin Kayak Paddle CAD photo.

Our Assassin Kayak Paddle project may have some legs going into the next year.  One of the potential investors, Adventure Capitalists, a CNBC TV show, has been in constant contact about the upcoming project.  We have Skyped a couple of times with the casting team director, provided product information almost weekly, and are just patiently waiting for the next step.

Basically the show is along the lines of Shark Tank, without the “pretentious bozos” who sit there, interrogate your idea and belittle your project, even before investment consideration.  Having seen the show numerous times, my warrior attitude would probably have me jumping across the table and throttling the first obnoxious investor.

However, Adventure Capitalist investors are avid outdoor sportsmen who actually field test your product in its intended environment.  After field testing, they sit the entrepreneur down, outdoors on rocks or stumps, and provide critical feedback and investment opportunities.

Supposedly, the filming of the show takes place in the January/February timeframe.  Not sure where it will happen…but we will take anyplace, and make it happen anywhere.  Failure is not an option!

From a logistics perspective, I have offered up Cocoa Beach, Florida as a potential filming site.  The perfect weather, easy access to water and availability of kayaks for filming the show may help persuade the producers.  Hopefully they will take the offer into consideration.

Backwater Paddle Company continues to expand its dealerships around the nation, and overseas.  We still acquire new dealers on a routine basis…a couple a month, or so.   We currently have around 110 dealers in the states.  Just picked up another Canadian dealer in Toronto.  When we are talking “dealers”…we are talking small scale outfitters, local paddle shops, family owned outdoor retailers and the ubiquitous mom & pop marinas/tackle stores.

Our corporate and product branding efforts have been relatively successful.  Our social media pages are always full of customer provided content.  That bodes well to our marketing efforts.  Until we can get the Assassin Kayak Paddles into the market, our attempts to provide inventory to the big box stores is a constant challenge.  Basically our legendary Assault Hand Paddles just do not provide enough leverage for the big box stores to create shelf space.

Creating shelf space and inventory for the big box stores has nothing to do with “liking or disliking” our company or product.  It has everything to do with their bottom line.  They have to have a high turnover of product on those few precious inches of shelf space to be remain profitable.

Unfortunately, our Assault Hand Paddles are typically used by a select few paddle sportsmen in the industry.   We are a “niche product” in the paddle sport market.  Kayak anglers, kayak fowl hunters, and kayak photographers make up the basic crowd.  Probably no more than 15% of the total market.  As versatile as they are, as badass as they look, as durable as they’re manufactured…our sales are nothing spectacular.  We are dealing with such a small market.

Now, when the Assassin Kayak Paddles come to market, we will have access to pretty much the whole shebang.  ALL kayak paddle sportsmen need a full size kayak paddle!  Our patented blade design will outperform the competition, look more badass, and cost the same.  They will sell!

Having this national dealer network already established is a precursor to the Assassin Kayak Paddles future success.  We will instantly be able to provide inventory to the paddle sportsman.  We will be able to provide packaged units of hand paddles and full size paddles, together, for a more powerful purchasing incentive.  A “performance package,” we’ll call it!  I believe once the big box stores begin to realize how successful our full size kayak paddles are, they will establish dialogue.

So, 2017 is coming quick.  This is the year Backwater Paddle Company explodes into the outdoor and paddle sports markets!  We are excited about the future!

Thanks for all your continued support!   Paddle on my friends!

Ed Halm