Backwater Paddle Company Signs Licensing Agreement With Yak Gear

Backwater Paddle Company’s Assassin Kayak Paddle project is finally coming to life with the assistance of Yak Gear.  Bill Bragman, Yak Gear owner, proposed a generous licensing agreement to manufacture and market the Assassin Kayak Paddles and future paddle products (learn details about such agrrements at

Assassin Kayak Paddles

Yak Gear is the largest paddle sport distributor in the nation…with some 2000 dealers available.   Located in Houston, Texas, Yak Gear has been providing for the paddle sportsman since 2005.

It never happened.  Adventure Capitalist, the CNBC TV show that Backwater Paddle Company auditioned, did not select the Assassin Kayak Paddle for its reality based investor program.  We are not sure what prevailed in the selection process, except that our product was not accepted to participate.  No hard feelings!  We simply moved on to big and better things!  Yak Gear!!

Like everything in life…timing is paramount!  Fortunately for Backwater Paddle Company, Bill Bragman and his crew at Yak Gear were introducing their own branded paddle line.  Yak Gear had committed to manufacturing a base line paddle for the introductory paddle sports market, to be distributed by their dealers.

As todays kayak anglers hit the water in massive sit on top hybrid kayaks, many are equipped with pedal, or electric motor drives.  These anglers are requiring longer and more versatile paddles to successfully maneuver or finesse their boats into final position for proper bait presentation.

Yak Gear felt the Assassin Kayak Paddle’s patented “hook and teeth” blade design could fill that void of “specialty paddles” required for the more seasoned paddle sportsmen.  Bill Bragman recommended using carbon fiber adjustable length shafts with lengths adjustable in 10cm increments.   Basically in the range of 240cm – 250cm and 250cm – 260cm paddle lengths.

Yak Gear is shooting to have the Assassin Kayak Paddle available for the ICAST Show in Orlando, Florida this July 2017.  MSRP $159.95

Yak Gear will also take over all manufacturing and distribution of the legendary Assault Hand Paddles.  Eventually Backwater Paddle Company dealers will be contacted by a Yak Gear representative in placing future orders for our hand paddles.

Backwater Paddle Company will still maintain its web store, as well as eBay and Amazon stores.  Assassin Kayak Paddles (when offered) and Assault Hand Paddles will be available to our customers at retail prices.

Backwater Paddle Company will always solve problems, think outside the box, and continue to “revolutionize paddle sportsmen’s stealth and mobility!”

Thanks for the continued support of our company and its products!

Paddle on my friends!

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