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GKF Meets Again With BPC on 2010 Kayak Fishing Tournament Trail

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The Georgia Kayak Fishing (GKF) organization and Backwater Paddle Company (BPC) will meet again, this time at Lake Oconee, Georgia.  Visit the Kayak Fishing Trail website at for more information about entering the tournament or providing sponsorship.

Tony Narcissee ( is the contact for any and all information about this fishing tournament.

This is the last leg of a statewide kayak fishing tournament that spanned four Georgia fishing regions spread over six months.  The first leg  began last March at Lake Harding.  The final leg, September 17th and 18th, is being played out at Lake Oconee, in central Georgia.

Backwater Paddles is providing kayak fishing hand paddles to the local kayak angling entrants as prizes. 

This is to all you Georgia kayak anglers…come out and support paddle sports and kayak fishing in your beautiful state!!

See you all there in a couple of weeks!  Paddle on my friends!!

Ed Halm

Laceration puts kayak paddle company owner down!


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Who would of thought how fast your life can change?  The slip of a six inch paring knife almost ended Backwater Paddle Company and its paddle products as we know them now.  As the owner of this paddle company, and recipient of the potentially devastating injury, I have come to realize that the sole existence of Backwater Paddles is locked up within my own realm.

Think about it.  Would this paddle company cease to exist at this early stage without me?    For the past two years, I have been solely responsible for taking this unique paddle concept and company to fruition.  No one else knows where this company stands in the market as well as I do.  Even though Liz, who saved my life and is my partner, hears everyday what goes on with Backwater Paddles, she could never remotely sit here at this keyboard and figure out where the paddle company is in the scheme of things.  Know one knows how many hours have been relentlessly spent working the Internet, the manufacturers, the marketers, the consumers, all networking to put a concept into place.

Now what?  I guess keeping myself out of harms way and staying alive is paramount to Backwater Paddle Company’s future.  However, at what point do you, or can you, hand a fledgling enterprise over to someone else?  Quite unfortunately, I am the only available resource for Backwater Paddle Company at this juncture.  There is just not enough room at this computer keyboard for two of us!  I have no one looking over my shoulder, providing me direction or feedback.  Everything this company represents does not come from a “playbook” that anyone has access to.  The playbook is upstairs!  This is what it is so frightening about starting a new venture.  Success or performance generally relies on ONE person to take the steer by the horns and get the job done.  Now, I know some are wondering…if you pass on…why would you remotely care about what or where your company is. 

I suppose it boils down to a legacy.  Maybe it is the nature of entrepreneurs to have survivor-ship of their endeavors, dreams and projects.  Whether or not Liz takes over, my son Sean or my daughter Amanda take over…I first have to get this kayak paddle company up to a full blown running enterprise.  

Questioning my existence in the paddle sports world reflects upon nothing until Backwater Paddles is operational.  To ensure this happens, I’d better stay smart, stay healthy and stay away from sharp knives! 

 I survived the latest act of my own stupidity…NOW I have to get my ass back to marketing and get Backwater Paddle Company into the paddle sports market arena!!   By the way, if you ever notice a huge scar on my arm…you know the story!  See you on the water!!