Assault Hand Paddles Almost Ready

Trio of Assault Hand Paddles

The first plastic paddles ran from the Assault Hand Paddle mold are being examined and tested for a spring market debut.  The paddles, however good they look in the photos, still need some refinement.  The milling marks need to polished out, as well as blemishes.

They expect a week or so for the polishing to be done.

Assault Hand Paddle in sepia

Assault Hand Paddle coming soon

It was noted after the first test run that there was some other minor mold problems.  It was determined the mold has to be reinforced with more platens.  Flexing was occurring with the 250 ton pressure required to inject the plastic into the mold.   This was causing the plastic to leak out and flash outside the mold.  Platens are basically integrated supports that go inside the mold to provide more structural integrity.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for our Assault Hand Paddle debut soon!



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