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Australian Fishing Network Review Of Assault Hand Paddles


Australian Fishing Network

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Orange Assault Hand Paddle


Backwater Paddle Company’s Assault hand paddle screams “Don’t mess with me, I’ve got your number”. Its scary fish skeleton and teeth motif are a theme carried into the paddle blades physical design, which includes a hook as well as the paddles second set of dentures.

The blade hook assists kayak anglers grab onto an overhanging tree branch or jetty and draw a kayak in. The teeth allow the reverse kayak motion by providing some traction to push away from structure.

With a design evolved from a World War II US Air Force jungle survival tool by company head Ed Halm, the paddle is constructed of 10% fiberglass and infused polypropylene plastic. The Assaults construction ingredients allow it to float should it try an escape. Absconding is hindered by a foam grip and lanyard.

Assault Hand Paddle


In practice, the best endorsement of the Assault’s utility is that the tournament guys use them to gain an edge. “They help set up a silent cast at a snag. When a kayak is disoriented by wind or current, or drifting in too quick, reaching for a full length paddle can create noise and spook fish”, says tournament kayak angler and Hobie guru Scott Lovig. “A quick forward or reverse re-orientating paddle stroke with the Assault can be done with one hand, while a rod is ready for a cast in the other. Alternately, the hook can allow attachment to a branch upstream of a target snag”.

In verification mode I tested the Assault in amongst the timber on Lake Fyans, a Victorian trout and redfin water. Paddling a Dagger Drifter II, a kayak more workhorse than a nimble fox, the Assault achieved all expectations. When mooching from tree to tree, only one or two paddle strokes were required to aim a kayak bow, and then fire a cast. With wind assisted kayak motion drifting onto a tree, the Assault blade is effectively an oversized rudder guiding you in.

The hook and teeth aided snag traction, and I was also impressed that it allowed me to navigate under branches more easily than a full paddle length would. In shallow water over rocks, an Assault hand paddle could also save more expensive paddle blade damage. To test the Assault’s strength, I thumped it around during testing and it was unbreakable, no kayak fishing gear is, but there’d have to be a whole lot of force and a good fisherman’s tale behind snapping an Assault. If you’re an in tight and snaggy kayak angler, the Assault is a worthy multi-tasking paddle buddy.

Contact www.mlte.com.au for stockists


Backwater Paddle Company Ready For The Holidays

Again, the holidays have snuck up on us.  It is already November!  Thanksgiving is just a week away…and we are already inundated with Christmas advertising!!  TV, newspaper, magazines, radio, Face Book, Twitter, Pinterest, billboards, even the dude standing outside your favorite store ringing the bell soliciting your change for the “red pot”…you cannot escape the fact that Christmas is here!

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday…time to get your marketing and advertising campaigns in gear, or get left behind!!  Time waits for no man!!  Not even Santa Claus!!

Below is some of the photos we are using for this seasons holiday advertising campaigns.

Santa's Orange Assault Hand Paddle

Santa’s Orange Assault Hand Paddle

As you can see, the Assault Hand Paddles are a perfect fit for the legendary Christmas stockings.  Paddle sportsmen around the world will be waking up to see what Santa has left under the tree, or hanging from the fireplace mantle.  Along with their new kayak…they are hoping for the latest paddle sports gear, equipment and accessories that will compliment their growing hobby.

Assault Hand Paddles...the perfect stocking stuffer!

Assault Hand Paddles…the perfect stocking stuffer!

Thankfully, we are in the game this year with our holiday marketing.  Having over 50 dealers around the country significantly enhances our brand exposure and availability.  Austin Canoe and Kayak (ACK) has three stores and buys four to five dozen paddles a month!

We are now working with an e-mail consulting agency.   They provide us with professionally designed templates, from which we add our own text and photos.  They track the sending, opening and bounce rates, providing us feedback for our e-mail campaigns.  This alone has stepped up our corporate identity, profile and professionalism within the paddle sports community.

So, on to the season…from the Backwater Paddle Company family…Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah…

Let it snow…let it snow…let it snow!!

Backwater Paddle Company B/W Logo

Assault Hand Paddle Review by Shane Coleman from “Marsh Life Yakin”

Review: Backwater Assault Hand Paddle


If you’re like me, when I first started seeing the Assault Hand Paddle by Backwater Paddle Company on social media I could not for the life of me understand what importance or usefulness this thing could have. There were some well-known people in the kayak fishing community who were promoting them but I chalked it up to good marketing at best. I figured I did not need another paddle other than the one that I use to get from one place to the other. What could I do with the Assault Paddle that I couldn’t already do with the paddle that I have?

Assault Hand Paddle providing stealth and mobility!

Assault Hand Paddle providing stealth and mobility!

Let me share with you when my thoughts began to change about this paddle’s usefulness. As many of you know, I spend a lot of time sight fishing in very skinny water. Stealth is a very important factor in this manner of fishing. While on the water, I found myself in constant circumstances when I needed to move my kayak a short distance or just reposition it. I noticed that when I would retrieve my paddle or set it back down on the kayak, there was a propensity to make unwanted noise. Even if I was successful at maintaining stealth mode, it required a great deal of effort. And when I wasn’t successful, well it usually ended up with some fleeing reds that I had worked so hard to stalk. It was during these situations that I began to reconsider my initial negative impression of the Assault Hand Paddle. It was during these situations that I wished I had such a valuable tool.

After some consideration, I decided to get one and I figured that even if I didn’t use it, I would only be out about thirty bucks. Luckily, I was able to pick one up locally at Ship To Shore Co. Now, let me just say I have used the Assault Paddle for almost a month. I usually like to wait longer before writing a review but I have used this paddle so much (more than what I thought I would) and it has served its purpose so extremely well, I figured there was no need to wait longer. This paddle allows me to move my kayak short distances, reposition it to set up for that perfect cast, or to paddle with one hand while holding my rod to retrieve a snagged lure. More importantly, it allows me to do all these things without making noise because it is small and I can keep it within arms reach. I can quietly retrieve it and move around with very little effort. And this means a better chance of getting on those reds feeding in skinny water!

Certainly there are more benefits and uses for this paddle but for the sake of brevity I will leave it at this, as this is the main reason I wanted one. I have no doubt about the product’s quality. Just holding it in my hand was enough to see that the Assault Paddle is very durable and could take a beating. Oh, if you are wondering if it floats… it does. I say this not because I read it but because I know from personal experience. I accidentally knocked it out of my kayak when I grabbed my net to land a nice red and when I turned around there it was floating!

If you are anywhere near Lake Charles, LA and would like to check out the Assault Paddles by Backwater Paddle Company, head over to Ship To Shore Co because they have them in stock. If you are like me, sometimes it’s nice to be able to see a product first hand before making the decision to purchase. The Assault Paddle is definitely a very useful tool and is well worth the small price tag. So, what can I do with it that I can’t do with my regular kayak paddle? Well, I can do the same things but I can do them with more ease and with STEALTH!

Shane Coleman from Marsh Life Yakin (www.marshlifeyakin.com)

Backwater Paddle Company in Gear For Spring Time

Backwater Paddle Company Logo

Backwater Paddle Company Logo

Heading into the 2014 spring fishing season, Backwater Paddle Company’s successful introduction of the Assault Hand Paddle early last year put the business solidly on the map with the paddle sports community.   This spring, Backwater Paddle Company will introduce another color for the Assault Hand Paddle.

Social media, particularly the Backwater Paddle Company Face Book page, provides the management instantaneous feedback as to product value, price and function.  Check out the company Facebook page at:  www.facebook.com/BackwaterPaddleCompany   So far we have exceeded all expectations on the success of the new hand paddle.  So much so…we are moving forward, again.

We surveyed our loyal Facebook fans regarding a new color choice for the Assault Hand Paddle.  As these paddles are manufactured from plastic, basically ANY color can be molded.   We can even mold proprietary colors.   The overwhelming choice was a safety color, a hi-visibility color.   Yellow, green or orange??  No-one wanted yellow!  Orange seemed to be the favorite and most recommended color.

Hi-vis orange Assault Hand Paddle

“Hi-Vis Orange” Assault Hand Paddle coming Spring 2014!

Coming soon…”Hi-Vis Orange” Assault Hand Paddles!!  They are being molded as we read this blog!  We will also continue to keep our legendary OD Green colored Assault Hand Paddles.  Next spring, new survey…see what colors are fashionable then!

Again, we must mention Facebook.  What an exceptional medium to contact, and be in contact with, the paddle sport fans, sportsmen and sportswomen, anglers, hunters, photographers, inventors and business owners whom contribute to the growth of this sport.  The BPC Facebook page just went over 2000 likes!  Good start for a new company in a growing market.

Below are some statistics for the growth of paddle sports:

– 46.2 million people fish ever year!

– 2010  1 million kayak anglers
– 2011  1.2 million kayak anglers
– 2012  1.4 million kayak anglers
– 2013  1.6 million kayak anglers

– 2012   239,500 kayaks sold…that is a lot of equipment, gear and accessories to go along with each of those sales!

From our continued marketing, customer support, Facebook fans, kayak sportsmen and sportswomen, Backwater Paddle Company now has 29 BPC Dealers in 15 states, all within the past six months!  At least 15 or so in Australia!  We have been adding new dealers at 1 – 2 per week.  Here is the latest list of BPC dealers:  www.backwaterpaddles.com/Dealers.html

We have also been supporting many of the regional kayak angling tournaments.  This type of field marketing provides tremendous exposure for minimal financial expenditure.   Half page ad…$2500.00 in leading kayak angling or paddle sport magazine.  The magazine is looked at, and maybe our ad was perused once, and forgot.  We send six to fifteen paddles per tournament series, receive serious exposure via social media and paddle sport networks, and the paddles are in the hands of the true sportsman…whom continue to promote our product!  Cost…less than $100.00!!

Our plan for 2014 is to get the paddles into the big box stores.  We have been soliciting Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, Academy Sports, Cabelas, Dicks, Sports Authority…but can’t get them to bite, yet.  Not quite sure why they are holding out…but trying to talk to them is impossible.  We will continue expanding our BPC Dealerships around the nation and world.  One shop at a time!!  The Assault Hand Paddle revolution is ON!!

BIG picture…full size kayak paddles.  It is simply a matter of getting the funds together for the mold.  Once we can finance the mold tooling and first run production…we will have resources already available to inventory our stock with our expanding dealer network.  That is a BIG plus in moving Backwater Paddle Company into the BIG LEAGUES!!

Thanks for all your continued support!  Paddle on my friends!!

Assault Hand Paddle FAQ’s


Assault Hand Paddle providing stealth and mobility!

Assault Hand Paddle providing stealth and mobility!

What are the paddles made from?

The new Assault Hand Paddles are made from a 10% fiberglass infused polypropylene plastic for strength and durability, with a UV additive for longevity.  The handle is covered with a foam hand grip for comfort and lanyard attached for security.

How big are they?

The paddles measure out to 22” long by 6” wide and weigh only 12 ounces.  We kept them under 24” so they would still be compact, yet lethal.

Do they float?

Absolutely!  They HAVE to float!

Assault Hand Paddle Floating

How did you come up with the blade design?

Out paddling one day in Central Florida, I came across a strainer blocking the local river.  I tried to dislodge the structure, but came up short handed with only a kayak paddle.  As a US Navy Survival Instructor, failure was not an option.  I envisioned how a hook would have grabbed onto the debris and a toothed end to push it down stream.  After a few mangled prototypes; today we have the patented “hook and teeth” blade design, now seen on the Assault Hand Paddle.

Are they modeled after a medieval weapon?

Not actually medieval…more from a WWII Air Force Jungle Survival weapon, now commonly known as a Woodsman’s Tool.

How tough are they?

Short of using rotary or reciprocating tools in your effort, you will not break this paddle.  If you do…we will replace the paddle.  (You better have a badass story, too!) 

Assault Hand Paddle vs, Piling!

Backwater Paddle Company’s newest paddle, the Assault Hand Paddle, is ready for everything!

Can we order other colors?

As these paddles are plastic, we can manufacture them in any color, even proprietary colors.  Currently we are working away through “camo” colors, i.e. green, brown and blue, as well as safety colors (red and yellow.)  However there is a manufacturing minimum amount.  Contact Ed at Backwater Paddle Company for more information.

Where do we buy them?

Currently from the Backwater Paddle Company’s web store.  Hopefully that will change in the next few months and they will be available in the big box retail sporting goods stores.

Other than fishing, who else can use them?

Duck hunters use the Assault Hand Paddle to stealthily maneuver their kayak for the best shot presentation and game retrieval.

Paddle sport photographers use the hand paddles to position their boats for maximum subject exposure and background framing.

Paddle sport adventurers use the hand paddles for close quarter maneuvering in tight spaces in lieu of their seven foot kayak paddle.

Will there be other paddles with that blade design?

Yes, we are putting together manufacturing projects for kayak, canoe and SUP paddles.  It may be a year or so away.  The new paddle lines will all incorporate the patented “hook and teeth” design as well some type of raised graphics package.

Gift Ideas For the Kayak Angler, by TIDALFISH.com

Tidalfish.com, a website dedicated to kayak fishing in the northeast tidal areas, from Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and North Carolina selected our hand paddles for their “Gift Ideas” for kayak fishermen. If your man likes to fish at night then get him some really awesome night vision gear.

Hand Paddles

Backwater Paddle Company Hand Paddles
Backwater Paddle company has produced two hand paddles that allow you to maneuver the kayak while still keeping a hand on your fishing rod. I have been using them for a few months now and they are great inexpensive addition to you kayak fishing arsenal. Back water makes two version of this paddle the Predator, which has a square design, is touted for use on Sit In Kayaks (SINKs). The Piranha which has a longer asymmetrical design is the preferred paddle for Sit On Top kayaks (SOTs). Both paddles are designed with a built in Hook for retrieving fishing lines, anchor lines, etc. The Piranha sports a scalloped blade edge for pushing off of rocks, pilings, etc. What a great present for the kayak angler who has it all. MSRP is $24.95. Their website is www.backwaterpaddles.com.

Visit Tidalfish.com at http://www.tidalfish.com/forums/content.php/756-KAYAK-FISHING-Gift-ideas-for-the-Kayak-Angler-Gifts-for-Guys-Presents-for-Men-Fisherman-Gift-Ideas to see the Backwater Paddles and other great gifts for kayak anglers!

We appreciate all your support at Tidalfish.com.   Paddle on my friends!!

World Fishing Network Posts Hand Paddle Reviews

Backwater Paddle Company Logo

All product reviews of our paddles are very much appreciated!!  Backwater Paddle Company truly appreciates all the time and consideration that goes into product testing and reviews of our paddles.

Jamie Pistilli, pro kayak angler of the World Fishing Network (WFN), provided an awesome review of the Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles earlier this year.

Jamie Pistilli has been fishing the waters of North America and the Caribbean for over 20 years, and although he has caught everything from tarpon to sharks, his specialty is trophy musky and carp fishing. Jamie is the host of WFN’s new show, Big City Fishing which is coming out in June 2010. Jamie appeared on The New Fly Fisher and The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons and was featured on the award winning DVD Game ON a Kayak Fishing Movie. He has been featured in numerous fishing publications including the cover of Ontario Out Of Doors and is a regional editor for Kayak Angler Magazine. He’s also a member of the Ocean Kayak Pro Team, and an active advisor, guide and fishing consultant in Ottawa, Ontario.

Below is Jamie’s review of the Predator and Piranha hand Paddles:



Thanks Jamie and the World Fishing Network for your continued support.  Paddle on my friends!!

Great New Florida Site – NativePaddler.com

As Backwater Paddle Company continues to grow and evolve, new paddle sites come online desiring to promote our products and company.  Any promotion about your products and company is worth its weight in gold.   Nothing beats target marketing than having an endorsement from fellow purveyors in your field, in this case, paddle sportsmen and paddle enthusiasts.  Nevertheless, you still want good representation for your company, as ultimately, your name is tied to your product.

The site Native Paddler, from Barb Langford residing on the west coast of Florida, is the latest site becoming involved with Backwater Paddles.   Barb, or Paddle Gal as she is affectionately called, recently put together this awesome site for the paddle sportsmen and enthusiasts in and around Florida.  The Native Paddler site provides weather reports, tide charts, fishing reports, tournaments and dealerships for the Florida paddle sportsman or sportswoman.  Where has this site been all along?? 

I went over to the “left coast” of Florida, as we Florida east coasters have denoted the west coast side, to have a chat and visit with Paddle Gal.  She was interested in becoming a sales rep/dealer/distributor for Backwater Paddles and our products.  Just being 2 – 1/2 hours away, the trip over was worth the time I would have spent sitting in my office, plugging away at my computer, wishing I was outside paddling somewhere.

Barb and I went for a paddle through Clam Bayou outside Boca Ciega Bay.  It was a quiet, overcast day, with wildlife in abundance.  We checked on the progress of some ecological rehab work being done in and around Clam Bayou.  Clam Bayou is a classic native mangar, thriving with all the natural species of plants and animals you could want to locate and identify.

As this was a semi-business trip, I brought along one of Backwater Paddles proof of concept/prototype Raptor Kayak paddles for Paddle Gal to beta test and provide some future feedback.   Paddle Gal took to the Raptor, like a fish to chum….maybe not such a good metaphor??

All in all, except for the trip back to the east coast (traffic jam for 50 miles) it was a great time and certainly a pleasure to have met Barb.  I look forward to bringing Paddle Gal onboard the Backwater Paddle Team. 

Visit www.nativepaddler.com to procure all the necessary information you need to have a great fishing or paddling trip around the great state of Florida. 

  Ed Halm Backwater Paddles

This is a photo Paddle Gal took of me on Clam Bayou

Again, for all you Florida anglers and paddle sportsmen, be sure you check out the Native Paddler site before heading out!!  There is a plethora of information on that site that will make your next adventure even more awesome!  

Paddle on my friends!!!

Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles Capture the World of Paddle Sports

Predator Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle in action.

Since the introduction of kayak fishing hand paddles, paddle sports, particularly the sports of kayak fishing, hunting and photography has embraced these simple, yet indispensable paddling accessories with open arms.  Having open arms, at least free hands, while fishing, hunting of taking pictures is what every paddle sportsman desires.   Paddle sportsmen want to focus on one thing and one thing only.  They want success in getting close enough to catch, capture or photograph their prey.   The last thing a paddle sportsman wants to do is scare their prey away, or not be at the ready, before they have the opportunity to perform.

Kayak fishing hand paddles make it much easier to keep fishing, hunting or your subject within the camera view finder without spooking your elusive prey.   The problem all paddle sportsmen encounter is how to stealthily maneuver their boat within close proximity while still accomplishing their mission!

Compact and lightweight, kayak fishing hand paddles allow you to stow those bulky, seven foot kayak paddles.  Simply keep an eight ounce kayak fishing hand paddles between your legs, or within easy reach, and with one hand, stealthily move your boat to within range without ever setting down your fishing rod, gun or camera.   Now you can easily fish, hunt and photograph while moving your boat!

Previously, the kayak sportsman got as close as he could with his seven foot kayak paddles.   Once on target, he commenced to do what he came to do.   As we know, wildlife becomes very skittish when man, whom they view as a predator, enters their protected domain.   The natural tendency of wildlife is to move away from their predator, with stealth if possible.  The more action you provide in your approach, the faster and further they flee.   Wildlife often watch with intrigue as you approach from a distance, however, encroaching into their fight or flight zone, wariness ensues.  Flailing seven foot kayak paddles while in close proximity to wildlife is tantamount to certain failure.  They will soon be gone.

Kayak anglers continually find it necessary to stealthily move their kayak short distances to stalk their prey.  Fish are always on the move.  Facing a common dilemma as how to keep fishing, move your boat and not scare prey away, became problematic.  Having to break out their seven foot kayak paddle and lay down their fishing rod just to move their kayak a few yards put them in jeopardy of losing sight or frightening away their prized lunker.  Fish have eyes, and believe me, those eyes are always looking for predators.  No matter how stealthy you are while flailing seven foot kayak paddles, it is surely to grab their attention and send your prize darting away.

Duck hunters find kayaks as the ultimate method of quietly sneaking across lagoons, lakes or ponds.  Getting your boat situated in the reeds or cat tails, sliding into a blind or silently slithering along the surface is paramount to successful duck hunting.   Turning your boat for the correct presentation to aim your gun without sending the flock flying is easier said than done.   Again, having to break out your seven foot kayak paddle and setting down your gun to attempt a stealthy maneuver without scattering the flock is a challenge most duck hunters wish to avoid.

Water fowl, shore birds and marine mammals live in a very dynamic environment and are particularly hard to photograph unless you have a plan, or a huge telephoto lens.   Kayak photography has taken off as the innovative method for obtaining those natural habitat photos of wildlife.  Half the battle of getting that perfect photograph is being in the right place at the right time.   Paddle sportsman, particularly paddle photographers, are taking advantage of the stealth that kayaks provide in locating and snapping that once in a lifetime shot.   However, just like fish and ducks, marine wildlife is easily spooked by flailing objects.  Breaking out those seven foot kayak paddles to maneuver closer for your shot is a guarantee that your subject will be spooked.  Photograph missed.

Kayak fishing hand paddles provide the ultimate opportunity for paddle sportsmen to stealthily maneuver their boat in any scenario.  Whether you are kayak angler, duck hunter, or paddle sports photographer, having the capability to stealthily maneuver your boat determines whether you become a player or get skunked.

Kayak fishing hand paddles simply allow you to put away those awkward kayak paddles, stealthily move your kayak one-handed and successfully  keep fishing, hunting of shooting photos.  Until they figure out how to make a small kayak motor powered by one of the best rv house battery reconfigured for the sport, I will pass thank you. I’m just not the rowing type.

Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle

Terry fishing with the Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle

Outdoor Specialty Innovations Becomes Backwater Paddle Company Distributor

Backwater Paddle Company Logo


Backwater Paddle Company is proud to announce that Outdoor Specialty Innovations(OSI) will become the exclusive distibutor of Backwater Paddle Company paddle products throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Australia.  Late October, OSI approached Backwater Paddle Company wanting to market, distribute and sell our legendary Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles.

Ron Basket, CEO and founder of Outdoor Innovations (OSI), a Nevada based company, is dedicated to the development and discovery of innovative products designed to ease and heighten the joy of the fishing experience.   Ron has come up with answers to some of these perennial fishing frustrations with his own line of Easy2Hook non-threading loop tie fishing hooks and the company’s patented clip-on Bait Strap bait and attractant holder line of products.

Integrating the innovative paddle concepts of Backwater Paddle Company with Outdoor Specialty Innovations patented fishing tackle and accessories is a natural path for mutual growth and prosperity.   Paddle sportsmen are clamouring for the latest and greatest gear,  equipment and accessories.   OSI has experience in outdoor marketing and sales, having attended the 2010 ICAST  show in Las Vegas earlier this year.   OSIs employment will launch Backwater Paddle Company into the paddle sports and fishing markets  sooner and more efficiently.    

Outdoor Specialty Innovations’ Easy2HookUSAs, non-threading loop tie line of fishing hooks,  exemplifies how practical solutions solve the difficult and time consuming process of attaching your fishing  line to an open eye and even more difficult,  spade-end hook.  But not anymore!  OSI made it easy with the ultimate fishing hook you can attach to a line in five seconds!

Backwater Paddle Company’s Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles will continue to be manufactured and headquartered in Central Florida.  Our regional sales force and company dealerships will continue to grow, working under the auspices of Outdoor Specialty Innovations.

Backwater Paddle Company’s future plastic and composite line of paddles are working their way through the designing and testing phase.   In the works are another plastic/structural foam kayak fishing hand paddle, the Raptor Kayak paddle and the Havoc Canoe paddle, all reflecting Backwater Paddles patented “hook and teeth” blade designs.

Contact Outdoor Specialty Innovations  at  www.outdoorspecialtyinnovations.com for all your Backwater Paddle Company paddle requests and inventory.    Outdoor Specialty Innovations Inc 800 North Rainbow Blvd Suite 208 Las Vegas NV 89107