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Backwater Paddle Company Dealer Network Growing


Assault Hand Paddle getting ready for the revolution.

Assault Hand Paddle getting ready for the revolution.

Backwater Paddle Company.  Ever heard of us before??  Probably.  If you are a paddle sportsman or kayak angler, you may have seen our patented Assault Hand Paddles being used or talked about at your last paddling adventure.  Maybe, even seen them at one of your local kayak angling tournaments being awarded as prizes.

Backwater Paddle Company has been working hard at marketing and branding our name all over the map!   We have 40+ dealers located around the nation, as well as 20+ dealers spread throughout the international paddling community.   Within these national dealers, many have multiple locations within and outside their home states, placing us in over 50+ stores around the country.

If you are involved with the paddle sports community, you may very well have heard or visited some of these iconic paddle sports shops carrying the Assault Hand Paddles.  Austin Canoe and Kayak (ACK), Hook 1, Appomattox River Company (ARC), GET:Outdoors, OKC Kayak, Wild River Outfitters (WRO), Delaware Paddlesports…just to name a few of the larger regional shops.

You can visit the Backwater Paddle Company Dealer Page to get the locations of dealers in your area.  Should you NOT find a BPC dealer in your locale, provide us the name of your local paddle sports shop NOT CARRYING our paddles, and we will talk to them personally.

Having said all that…Backwater Paddle Company is still not in the big box stores, like Bass Pro Shops, Gander Mountain, Academy Sports, Cabelas…yet.  To be honest, not sure why?  We have been diligently sending them product, filling out all their paperwork and applications…yet no response.  It is like these big box stores are vacuums, sucking up all the info and product, yet never hearing back.  However…failure is not an option!  Time and perseverance are on our side!!

We continue to sell our hand paddles via the Backwater Paddle Company web store with much success.  Not to miss any other internet sales revenue channels, Backwater Paddle Company also has the Assault Hand Paddles listed for purchase on the legendary Amazon and E-bay sites.  Surprisingly, we get quite a few sales from these sites.

The Backwater Paddle Company Face Book page community has steady grown to over 6300 fans!  We continue to sponsor kayak fishing tournaments around the country.  A number of kayak fishing clubs have placed our logo on their tournament jerseys!

I just placed an order for another Gaylord (5′ x 5′ x 5′ box) of polypropylene pellets to be used in the next batch of hand paddles.  That should get us around 1700 more paddles.  We went through the last Gaylord in 5 months!  With all the new dealers coming on board, and the holidays coming up, we just my have to get another run in just before the holidays.

Looking ahead…just setup an appointment with our CAD designer.  We will be working on the new blade design for the future kayak paddles.  We still do not have a commitment for the necessary funds to begin the kayak paddle project.  But, having the CAD work done and being able to present that to prospective investors is paramount for  moving forward.

We also have been entertaining the idea of submitting our kayak paddle project to Kick Starter.   It is a social investment program.  More to come on that later.

As you can see, Backwater Paddle Company is steady moving forward in the paddle sports market.   Until we can break the ice with the big-box stores, we will continue to promote and market to them until they flat out get tired of hearing about us…and just relent!

Thanks for all your continued support!  Paddle on my friends!!

The Assault Hand Paddle revolution is ON!!


Assault Hand Paddle Wins “Best of Show” at 2013 AFTA Trade Show in Australia

The Assault Hand Paddle Revolution is ON!!

Backwater Paddle Company Logo

Backwater Paddle Company Logo

The 2013 Australian Fishing and Tackle Association Trade Show (AFTA) demonstrated to the kayak fishing community that the Assault Hand Paddles are making a grand entrance into the paddle sport community.

Assault Hand Paddle AFTA Award

Assault Hand Paddle won “Best of Show” at the Australian Fishing and Tackle Association Trade Show.

Colin Linton from My Little Tackle Emporium (MLTE), the Backwater Paddle Company Australian distributor, entered the Assault Hand Paddles into the show.   Colin has been involved with Backwater Paddle Company since its inception.  He has diligently been promoting our paddle products and marketing our brand Down Under when the wood hand paddles were first introduced.

BLADE Kayak Fishing Journal, the premier kayak angling magazine Down Under, promoted the Assault Hand Paddle in their latest edition.  Thanks to Justin Wilmer and his crew for publishing such a fine magazine.

Funny as it may seem, the Australian kayak fishing community has really latched on to the extreme looking Assault Kayak Fishing and Paddle.   We certainly appreciate all their time and consideration in choosing our hand paddles for their kayak fishing adventures.

The Assault Hand Paddle Revolution is ON!!

Assault Hand Paddle Review By Tony Hart, Professional Kayak Angler

Tony Hart, Backwater Paddle Company professional rep, took the time to evaluate and provide a product review for the new Assault Hand Paddle.  Below is his take on how the new hand paddle works for him.

Product Review: Assault Hand Paddle

 “The Assault Hand Paddle from Backwater Paddle Company is an innovative tool that is perfect for kayak anglers.  It doesn’t matter if you’re trekking down a narrow creek in the deep reaches of the Florida wilderness or need a little help maneuvering your kayak while fighting a trophy fish, the Assault Hand Paddle will get the job done.  It’s the brainchild of former US Navy survival instructor, Ed Halm, who envisioned the idea one day while paddling a local river in Central Florida.  Ultimately, when Ed asked if I would take a look over and test the paddle out, I jumped at the opportunity.  Here’s my take on the Assault Hand Paddle from Backwater Paddle Company.

Initially, the paddle has a very unique look to it.  A “hook” on one side, and a toothed edge on the other side provide the angler with the ability to grab and/or pull away debris that is in the way.  It’s fairly light, and has the ability to float which is always a positive in the kayaking world.  For my testing purposes in the saltwater creeks of NE Florida, I was impressed with its overall ability.  I was able to use the toothed side to help with pushing off of and away from dock pilings and oyster beds.  The hook end was valuable in that it was able to assist in unhooking a jighead that was hung up in an oyster bed.   The hand paddle proved its worthiness in that it was much more easier to handle rather than my 240cm Accent Paddle.  Having the ability to be able to hold your rod with one hand and easily right yourself with a smaller tool earned the Assault Hand Paddle a thumb’s up.

Assault Hand Paddle

The other cool part of this paddle is the ability to help right yourself when fighting a fish.  We who fish for redfish know that they are a fierce-some fighting fish, with the ability to make several nice runs in several different directions.  When staked out, this can be somewhat cumbersome, especially when trying to keep tension on the fishing rod and maneuver your regular kayak paddle.  I’m sure there’s many of you who will agree with me that this can be a daunting task to say the least.  With the Assault Hand Paddle, this aggravation is a thing of the past.  Having something that is quickly deployed and easy to use to get your next trophy fish landed is of the utmost importance to a kayak angler, and the Assault Hand Paddle fits that billing.

Overall, I was very impressed with the product from Backwater Paddle Company, and will definitely recommend using the Assault Hand Paddle to the kayak fishing community.”

Assault Hand Paddle Floating

Thanks Tony for your time and consideration!  Paddle on my friend!!

The Assault Hand Paddle Revolution is ON!!

Assault Hand Paddles Almost Ready

Trio of Assault Hand Paddles

The first plastic paddles ran from the Assault Hand Paddle mold are being examined and tested for a spring market debut.  The paddles, however good they look in the photos, still need some refinement.  The milling marks need to polished out, as well as blemishes.

They expect a week or so for the polishing to be done.

Assault Hand Paddle in sepia

Assault Hand Paddle coming soon

It was noted after the first test run that there was some other minor mold problems.  It was determined the mold has to be reinforced with more platens.  Flexing was occurring with the 250 ton pressure required to inject the plastic into the mold.   This was causing the plastic to leak out and flash outside the mold.  Platens are basically integrated supports that go inside the mold to provide more structural integrity.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for our Assault Hand Paddle debut soon!



The Beachside Resident, Cocoa Beach’s Local Paper, Featured Backwater Paddle Company Owner Ed Halm

Tobin Bennison, writer for The Beachside Resident, a local Cocoa Beach paper featured Ed Halm, the Owner of Backwater Paddle Company in its January 2013 issue.  The article appears below:

Ed Halm is one fascinating character.

Born at the US Naval Base in Port Lyautey, Morocco, Halm moved back to the U.S. as a toddler when his family settled in upstate New York.

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After high school, he trained and served in the U.S. Navy as a survival instructor before retiring and relocating to Central Florida 20 years later.

Tapping into a love of the outdoors he cultivated during his days in upstate New York, Ed now lives in Cocoa Beach, where he is an avid paddle sportsman, a certified naturalist, kayak eco-tour guide, and owner of Backwater Paddle Company, which is set to release its newest in a line of unique, patented “hook and teeth” paddles, “The Assault,” in spring of 2013.

1v9 20questions EdHalm Ed Halm of Backwater Paddles

You’re a retired US Navy survival instructor. Tell us a little about your experiences in that career.

When I joined the Navy, I originally enlisted in the nuclear propulsion field. A few years into the nuclear power program, I was provided an opportunity to interview for some special training programs. Being an avid outdoorsman and sportsman, I was selected for, trained, and qualified as a naval survival instructor. Land survival became my area of expertise. Basically we taught naval and marine aviators, DEA, CIA, FBI, and other special operation groups tactics to survive and evade in the wild should they ditch their aircraft in enemy territory. Our curriculum included locating water, building fire, making shelter, trapping and snaring animals, identifying edible plants, terrain navigation, wilderness first aid, rescue signaling, and the psychological aspects of surviving. We taught these courses in conjunction with the theaters our troops would be operating within. These weeklong courses were extremely challenging and tested the internal fortitude of our best military and civilian personnel. Being a survival instructor was certainly a rewarding experience. From the curriculum we taught and the field experience we delivered, I knew our intensive training program could provide drastic lifesaving survival decisions for some our forward deployed troops.

And you’ve had a long passion for nature since your youth.

I have always been involved with nature. Having grown up in upstate New York, we lived extremely close to nature. Out my back door were the woods and mountains. I spent a great deal of my adolescent time immersed in the wilderness. Tracking, hunting and trapping wildlife, as well as fishing and camping became second nature to me. I never saw a large city until I joined the Navy. Residing in Florida, I felt compelled to obtain local knowledge and understand our diverse natural environment. Hunting, fishing and paddling are ubiquitous Florida outdoor sports. However, the arenas for participation provide distinctive topographical challenges and unique ecosystems that are found only in our state. To be an effective survival instructor, outfitter, guide or resident sportsmen, obtaining local knowledge and information is paramount to successfully understanding and competing in your native surroundings. When I became a local kayak eco-tour guide, I not only wanted to provide an educational experience with qualified information, but a tangible adventure in a safe atmosphere. I want my guests to experience the real Florida in an educated manner! I want them to be exhilarated! I want them to have that magical sensation, an adventure that will keep them coming back. To achieve that level of competency, I knew I had to completely immerse myself in the local environment and understand the complexities of our unique ecosystems. I wanted to set the standards higher for quality information, paddle safety and system expertise. Fortunately, the University of Florida offers an intensive Master Naturalist Program that exclusively defines our local ecosystems. The mission of the Program is to promote awareness, understanding, and respect of Florida’s natural world among Florida’s citizens and visitors.

1v9 20questions EdHalm3 Ed Halm of Backwater Paddles

Tell us about some of the tours you lead here.

I am a part-time kayak eco-tour guide with Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach. They provide full-service kayak eco-tours to visiting guests and local residents. We spend two to three hours paddling, locating and identifying various plants, animals and wildlife in the Thousand Islands, Banana River Lagoon, Indian River Lagoon, and other Florida marine environments. We’re different from the other guide services in that we are the largest and oldest, as well as the most experienced and professional guide service at the Thousand Islands. Our guides are all certified, trained, rescue-equipped and insured. Our professional staff includes two master naturalists, a survival instructor, and retired surveyor. All Adventure Kayak staff are avid outdoorsmen, sportsmen, and experienced paddlers. We provide very comfortable sit-in kayaks, detailed paddle lessons, safety instructions, and an experienced guide on every adventure.

What might novices be surprised to learn about the tours you conduct — and our local environment at large?

First of all, no paddling experience is necessary! We provide the most stable and comfortable kayaks available. We also provide the novice paddler with detailed paddle lessons. Secondly, there is nothing out there that will eat you if you go swimming (falling out of your kayak)! Thirdly, the water is only knee-deep, for the most part. Having said that, our guests can comfortably enjoy their adventure and concentrate on the wildlife that abounds. Our guides provide a detailed interpretive tour of the local wildlife. The Thousand Islands and the Indian River Lagoon system are one of the most bio diverse ecosystems in the states. Manatees, dolphins, otters, stingrays, crabs, fish, and birds are routinely located, identified, and observed in their natural surroundings from your kayak. Our departing guests leave their kayaking adventure expressing a newfound appreciation for nature and an exhilarating experience with our company and guides. All of our guests express a sincere desire to return, to bring future guests and paddle again with us. Many are even overheard making kayak purchasing decisions after finding out how easy and fun paddle sports are!

1v9 20questions EdHalm2 Ed Halm of Backwater Paddles

Have you paddled anywhere outside of the state? What makes Florida — and the Cocoa Beach area — so unique an environment?

I’ve paddled all over the southeast. Owning a paddle sport manufacturing company provides me with many opportunities to travel. Backwater Paddle Company sponsors fishing tournaments, trade shows, and exhibitions throughout the states. The places I like to paddle outside of Florida are usually further north, within the mountains. Florida is a topographically challenged state — it’s flat! I take advantage of the mountain lakes and streams that course through northern mountainous states. The beauty of paddling in Florida is you can find water everywhere. You generally have great access to the mostly flat water, and perfect weather. With two climate zones to paddle in, tropical south Florida and temperate north Florida, seasonal paddlers are in heaven. Cocoa Beach’s Thousand Islands is easily my favorite place to paddle when in town. These unique mangrove islands are only found here in the Banana River Lagoon. They provide novice and intermediate paddlers with all kinds of challenges. Locating wildlife within the islands is relatively easy. The mangrove trails and tunnels that are located within these isles test your paddle skills and overwhelm the senses. Elsewhere in Florida, the Silver River flowing out of Silver Springs in Ocala is an awesome paddle. It’s only two hours north of here. If you’re fortunate enough, there are a couple of bands of wild monkeys that can be seen foraging along the banks of the river while you paddle through. These monkeys apparently escaped captivity many years ago and still inhabit the forest surrounding the river. You do not see the monkeys every time, but patience and persistence pays off. Once you get up to the springs area, the water is crystal clear. Another great paddle is the Suwannee River in northern Florida. There are so many springs, river camps, and easy access to the Suwannee that portions of the river can be day paddled or packed into one- to two- week camping excursions.

How did the Backwater Paddle Company get started?

It started on a paddling excursion down the Econlockhatchee River outside Orlando a few years ago. During a routine paddle trip, I came across a strainer, a debris blockage that caused us to portage our kayaks a short distance around the obstruction. I tried to dismantle the strainer from my kayak using my paddles, but conventional kayak paddles offered little assistance. Having spent some time trying to figure what I needed in a kayak paddle, other than for propulsion, I tried various blade shapes and designs to solve my problem. I figured I needed a hook to grab onto objects and a serrated edge to provide positive purchase when shoving off. I eventually came up with the infamous “hook and teeth” blade design. After a successful proof of concept and beta test of the new paddle design, I applied for and received a patent. Once I secured the patent, I moved ahead with CAD design, financing, marketing, and manufacturing of the design. I searched the established paddle manufacturers and found no paddle product that even remotely provided the security, stealth and maneuverability Backwater paddles provide.

1v9 20questions EdHalm4 Ed Halm of Backwater Paddles

Tell us more about their unique design. What makes them so special?

After a few failures and hacked up paddles, I finally designed a concept paddle that incorporated a “hook and teeth” cutout into the kayak blades. The hook allowed for the blade to snag, grab or pull objects. The teeth allowed for a positive pushing action from the paddle. These patented paddles can now push, pull and propel the paddle sportsman. I figured having a paddle blade with those unique “hook and teeth” features would have allowed for a quick and easy dismantling of the aforementioned strainer. My first prototype kayak paddle design was code named the “Raptor Project.” It incorporated the new hook and teeth design into kayak paddle blades. As we started to move ahead with the kayak paddle project, a new paddle concept evolved: hand paddles. That revolutionary idea has temporarily put the Raptor Project on hold. We decided that in a paddle sports market with no hand paddles, we should move forward with the hand paddles project first. The sport of kayak fishing hit the paddle sports market full speed. Backwater designed the first kayak fishing hand paddles for the paddle sports market. Of course, creating your own niche carries your own marketing problems. It was an uphill battle at first to introduce such a new paddle concept to the paddle sport industry. Backwater Paddles was initially trying to solve the paddlers’ dilemma: How do you paddle and fish, or paddle and hunt, or paddle and photograph with only two hands? It takes two hands to paddle, and at least one to fish. You either have to paddle or fish? The hand paddle provides single-hand, stealthy maneuverability of your kayak. It allows for a one-handed paddle operation while you continue to fish or hunt. Once the paddle sports community saw the paddle design and observed the results, the hand paddle concept took off. The concept has revolutionized stealth and mobility in the paddle sports industry.

How is the upcoming Assault paddle different from the Piranha and Predator models?

The Assault Hand Paddle is the next generation hand paddle to be released by Backwater. We started manufacturing our wooden hand paddles — the Predator and Piranha — from our paddle shop in Cape Canaveral. The Predator and Piranha were our first hand paddles to be introduced into the market. The whole hand paddle concept was met with great enthusiasm by the kayak angling community. From that initial optimism, we simply moved ahead with a new and improved hand paddle design. A modified plastic hand paddle incorporating a raised relief graphic package soon evolved. Vector Cad Service in Merritt Island diligently worked on designing the new Assault and the badass graphics package. The wooden hand paddles are being replaced with the new Assault Hand Paddle made from a high-density polypropylene polymer. These new paddles will float and come in various colors. The colors being considered vary from a safety angle — orange and reds — to a stealthy approach with blue, black and green.

Backwater Paddle Company’s new Assault Hand Paddle will be available for the 2013 spring fishing season. They can be ordered through www.backwaterpaddles.com or through their national distributor, Outdoor Specialty Innovations. Contact Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach at www.kayakcocoabeach.com or call (321) 480-8632. Ask for Ed to be your next kayak adventure guide.

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ASSAULT…New Backwater Paddle Company Hand Paddle To Debut In Spring 2012

Sneak Preview of the Assault Hand Paddle by Backwater Paddle Company.
Notice the AWESOME graphics package on the blade!!
New Assault Hand Paddle by Backwater Paddle Company

New Hand Paddle Design

 The Assault Hand Paddle will be made from plastic, increasing its durability and fear factor!!

The Assault Hand Paddle will be available Spring 2012, with a MSRP of $24.95

The Paddle Matters!!

World Fishing Network Posts Hand Paddle Reviews

Backwater Paddle Company Logo

All product reviews of our paddles are very much appreciated!!  Backwater Paddle Company truly appreciates all the time and consideration that goes into product testing and reviews of our paddles.

Jamie Pistilli, pro kayak angler of the World Fishing Network (WFN), provided an awesome review of the Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles earlier this year.

Jamie Pistilli has been fishing the waters of North America and the Caribbean for over 20 years, and although he has caught everything from tarpon to sharks, his specialty is trophy musky and carp fishing. Jamie is the host of WFN’s new show, Big City Fishing which is coming out in June 2010. Jamie appeared on The New Fly Fisher and The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons and was featured on the award winning DVD Game ON a Kayak Fishing Movie. He has been featured in numerous fishing publications including the cover of Ontario Out Of Doors and is a regional editor for Kayak Angler Magazine. He’s also a member of the Ocean Kayak Pro Team, and an active advisor, guide and fishing consultant in Ottawa, Ontario.

Below is Jamie’s review of the Predator and Piranha hand Paddles:



Thanks Jamie and the World Fishing Network for your continued support.  Paddle on my friends!!

Outdoor Specialty Innovations Becomes Backwater Paddle Company Distributor

Backwater Paddle Company Logo


Backwater Paddle Company is proud to announce that Outdoor Specialty Innovations(OSI) will become the exclusive distibutor of Backwater Paddle Company paddle products throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Australia.  Late October, OSI approached Backwater Paddle Company wanting to market, distribute and sell our legendary Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles.

Ron Basket, CEO and founder of Outdoor Innovations (OSI), a Nevada based company, is dedicated to the development and discovery of innovative products designed to ease and heighten the joy of the fishing experience.   Ron has come up with answers to some of these perennial fishing frustrations with his own line of Easy2Hook non-threading loop tie fishing hooks and the company’s patented clip-on Bait Strap bait and attractant holder line of products.

Integrating the innovative paddle concepts of Backwater Paddle Company with Outdoor Specialty Innovations patented fishing tackle and accessories is a natural path for mutual growth and prosperity.   Paddle sportsmen are clamouring for the latest and greatest gear,  equipment and accessories.   OSI has experience in outdoor marketing and sales, having attended the 2010 ICAST  show in Las Vegas earlier this year.   OSIs employment will launch Backwater Paddle Company into the paddle sports and fishing markets  sooner and more efficiently.    

Outdoor Specialty Innovations’ Easy2HookUSAs, non-threading loop tie line of fishing hooks,  exemplifies how practical solutions solve the difficult and time consuming process of attaching your fishing  line to an open eye and even more difficult,  spade-end hook.  But not anymore!  OSI made it easy with the ultimate fishing hook you can attach to a line in five seconds!

Backwater Paddle Company’s Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles will continue to be manufactured and headquartered in Central Florida.  Our regional sales force and company dealerships will continue to grow, working under the auspices of Outdoor Specialty Innovations.

Backwater Paddle Company’s future plastic and composite line of paddles are working their way through the designing and testing phase.   In the works are another plastic/structural foam kayak fishing hand paddle, the Raptor Kayak paddle and the Havoc Canoe paddle, all reflecting Backwater Paddles patented “hook and teeth” blade designs.

Contact Outdoor Specialty Innovations  at  www.outdoorspecialtyinnovations.com for all your Backwater Paddle Company paddle requests and inventory.    Outdoor Specialty Innovations Inc 800 North Rainbow Blvd Suite 208 Las Vegas NV 89107

“Paddle or Fish” by Brad Wiegmann


Backwater Paddle Company Logo

Brad Wiegmann, outdoor writer, sportsman, photographer and professional fishing guide took the time to review our Piranha and Predator Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles.    

Below is his review:

Nota, Nota, Nota going to do that again. I ended up the creek without a paddle. You think that’s funny don’t ya. Well, it’s not exactly what you think. See, I had my long 220 cm high-strength, air-grade 7075 T6 aluminum shaft with high impact ABS plastic blades, but the long, dangling vines and branches were making it impossible to use. So, I was literally up the creek without a paddle. At least one paddle that I could use to get around with and fish.

I am not the only kayak angler who faces this dilemma every time they go out fishing. The longer paddles of course are great for getting to where you are going to fish, but only seem to be in the way once you start fishing. That’s what Ed Halm, owner of Backwater Paddles discovered. His solution was to design a hand paddle that anglers could use to control their kayak while fishing. Interestingly, Halm not only designed and built one hand paddle, but two: Piranha and Predator. Both are designed for anglers when kayak fishing, but built different to accommodate what kayak the angler is fishing out of. The Piranha weighs 7-ounces with a blade size of 5” x 12” and total length of 19-inches. Piranha’s longer length makes it ideal for anglers fishing from sit-on-top kayaks. The Predator weighs 6-ounces with a blade size of 6” x 9” and total length of 15-inches.  Predator’s shorter length makes it perfect for anglers fishing from sit-in kayaks. Both are waterproof and have a wooden blade and handle. Backwater Paddles (www.backwaterpaddles.com) are made in the U.S.A. and 100% guaranteed against breakage.

Nota, Nota, Nota going to do that again. I ended up the creek without a paddle. You think that’s funny don’t ya. Well, it’s not exactly what you think. See, I had my long 220 cm high-strength, air-grade 7075 T6 aluminum shaft with high impact ABS plastic blades, but the long, dangling vines and branches were making it impossible to use. So, I was literally up the creek without a paddle. At least one paddle that I could use to get around with and fish.

Brad checking out the Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles

I am not the only kayak angler who faces this dilemma every time they go out fishing. The longer paddles of course are great for getting to where you are going to fish, but only seem to be in the way once you start fishing. That’s what Ed Halm, owner of Backwater Paddles discovered. His solution was to design a hand paddle that anglers could use to control their kayak while fishing. Interestingly, Halm not only designed and built one hand paddle, but two: Piranha and Predator. Both are designed for anglers when kayak fishing, but built different to accommodate what kayak the angler is fishing out of. The Piranha weighs 7-ounces with a blade size of 5” x 12” and total length of 19-inches. Piranha’s longer length makes it ideal for anglers fishing from sit-on-top kayaks. The Predator weighs 6-ounces with a blade size of 6” x 9” and total length of 15-inches.  Predator’s shorter length makes it perfect for anglers fishing from sit-in kayaks. Both are waterproof and have a wooden blade and handle. Backwater Paddles (www.backwaterpaddles.com) are made in the U.S.A. and 100% guaranteed against breakage.

Hand paddles can be used by anglers, hunters, or even photographers to control their kayaks. “Some of the benefits to using a hand paddle include being able to control the kayak with one hand so you can fish with the other and not have to lay down your fishing pole; you can also use them in skinny water or around thick cover and brush like mangrove trees. The hook also allows anglers to pull themselves next to docks, grab trees, snag lines, and maneuver their kayaks,” explain Halm. The Backwater Paddles come with a wrist strap that anglers can put around their wrist to keep from dropping or losing it. Being shorter in length than a standard two bladed paddle, anglers can store them inside their boat or hook them onto the side. It’s common to see anglers using the hand paddles in skinny water. The blade length allows the angler to control the kayak and stalk fish effortlessly; however hand paddles shouldn’t be overlooked in moving water. “Hand paddles are great in moving water like rivers and streams. They can be used to control your drift and flow with the current.; in addition to paddling yourself to a shallow spot, eddy, or like a rudder to guide the kayak,” said Halm.

 Are you going out fishing from a kayak? Would you like to fish more than paddling trying to control your kayak? When it comes to fishing more than paddling you are better off with a hand paddle. The smaller compact paddles can be used to maneuver your kayak with little effort making it easier to sneak up on fish in shallow water. Plus they can be used as a backup in case your longer paddle breaks. You won’t want to find yourself up a creek without a paddle would ya?

Author:  Brad Wiegmann

We appreciate your time and consideration Brad! 

Ed Halm

Backwater Paddles and GKF Tournament Trail meet at Lake Oconee, Ga

Closing events at GKF

This past weekend, September 16th – 17th, was spent up at Lake Oconee, Georgia with the Georgia Kayak Fishing 2010 Tournament Trail.   Backwater Paddle Company has been a sponsor of  this state’s kayak fishing tournament all season.  This last trail leg was blessed with beautiful Lake Oconee as a backdrop and finally, wonderful weather!  No rain!!

The last time Backwater Paddles met the GKF Team was up in Tallulah Falls, Georgia earlier this year to fish the northern lakes.  All I can say, coming from Florida up to the Georgia hills and mountains is a special treat.  Florida, being a topographically challenged state…all flat, driving through the mountains and seeing all the terrain features is something I just cannot get enough.

Tony Narcisse and his Georgia paddle sports posse, put together one of the finest kayak angling tournaments.  I cannot fathom all the hard work and logistics that must go on to present such a fine event.   All I know is that he has some of the best staff (men and women) working relentlessly to get this show out.

Visit the GKF website for all the final results of this four leg kayak tournament at  www.georgiakayakfishing.com/Tourney  or at www.kayakfishingtrail.com

Special thanks to Tony, Stan, Zach, Ruth and Debbie for the wonderful tournament presentation!  Paddle on my friends!!