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Assassin Kayak Paddle Ready For Battle

Finally the Assassin Kayak Paddle has arrived…just in time to do battle!  With the onslaught of  trade shows, kayak fishing tournaments, new outfitters, novel products, social media…it s critical to purchase wisely.  It is time to prove your paddle gear!

Paddle sports continues to grow at an exponential rate. Performance based equipment, gear and accessories are constantly being developed and introduced to meet the demand.  Overwhelmed with choices, sizes, colors, prices, status, effectiveness…the money is flowing and lines are a tangling.  It feels like the kayak gear wars are on the verge of beginning.

Behold, the ONLY paddle ready for battle.  The arrival of the Assassin Kayak Paddle shows who is serious about winning!  It is here, and waiting for your command.

NEW: Assassin Kayak Paddle video showing the Assassin in action!  Produced by Yak Gear.

The patented “hook and teeth” blade design not only creates the feel of a warrior, it also proves itself on the battlefield!  With the Assassin Kayak Paddle in hand, you feel invincible on the water!

The hook allows for grabbing, pulling and snatching while the teeth provide positive purchase when shoving or pushing.  Need to get in and out stealthily, retrieve a treed lure, grab your line, snatch floating gear, pull yourself to the dock, push off the rocks, shove a gator away…whatever you require of it, the Assassin Kayak Paddle has your back.

The Assassin Kayak Paddle simply outperforms the competition.  No other paddle on the market today can match their versatility, and value.  We challenge the competition to go “paddle to paddle” in a heads up performance test.   Can your paddle survive that?

A carbon fiber shaft, adjustable in 10 centimeter increments, ensures you have the correct length for your paddle style and kayak type.  Currently 230cm to 240cm and 250cm to 260cm adjustable shaft lengths are offered.

Another feature to add to the “overall badassery” of Backwater Paddle Company’s products are the blades are molded with raised graphics.  No decals, no silk screening, no appliques to wear off…straight up, everyone will always know you have a Backwater Paddle in your arsenal.

For those newbies in the paddle sports market, the legendary Assault Hand Paddles led the way in the development of the Assassin Kayak Paddles.  These lightweight and compact hand paddles singlehandedly revolutionized paddle sportsmen’s stealth and mobility.

Get your Assassin Kayak Paddle and Assault Hand Paddles today, knowing tomorrow, the “battle on the water” is to your advantage!

MSRP $159.00  Order your Assassin Kayak Paddles today via: store.backwaterpaddles.com or visit Yak Gear at www.yakgear.com 

The paddles will ship from Houston, Texas via Yak Gear, the new Backwater Paddle Company distributor.

Backwater Paddles…by far, the most versatile paddles ever designed!

Assassin Kayak Paddles

Money, Money, Money…Assassin Kayak Paddle Still Working on Funding

It’s 2016…who the hell knew how hard it would be to get money together for a project?  Yes, the Assassin Kayak Paddle project is still waiting on funding.  The revolutionary kayak paddle that will change the way paddle sportsmen utilize their paddles, is still in financial limbo.  We are still $50,000 short of moving forward.

Money grows on trees…right??  The economy is growing…right?  Paddle sports is growing…right?  Then where is the money?  Where are the investors?

Assassin Kayak Paddle

Assassin Kayak Paddle prototypes showing left and right blades.

The money is definitely out there! However finding the right investor is the difficult part.  The Assassin Kayak Paddle project, as we know, will forever change the landscape of the paddle sports market.  We know the patented “hook and teeth” blade design, and the raised graphics package are “badass.”  We know the full versatility these paddles will deliver.  When fully introduced to the paddle sports community, we will shock the market!  We know this!

However, we have to find the right investor who believes in our project, and also knows this!

Again, finding the right investor is time consuming, and stressful.  Not all investors are created equal. Herein lies the problem in our paddle sports market.  Most investors are aligned with technology, communications, aerospace, software development and medical projects.  That is where the biggest, and most observable, growth pattern is reflected.  That’s where the big money goes.

Paddle sports?  Say, what?  Who invests in such a small market?  Compared to all the other investable big market projects that are available, why bother with the small stuff?  We are looking for that elusive niche investor.  All I can say is….remember our Indiegogo campaign!  90% of those crowd funding projects were NOT sports related!  Fortunately, there are investors who dabble in the sports market arena.

Identifying these sports investors, contacting them, establishing dialog, and eventually the “pitch” can be daunting.  First, you have to be fairly sure they are “water sports” investors.  Compared to, say…athletic and sports wear, motor sports, team sports, hunting, hiking and adrenaline sports, etc.  Every investor has their specialty, or favorite sport to indulge.  If anyone knows of one of these elusive “water sports” investors…please share!

We do have a couple “pokers in the fire,”  At this point, I’d rather not identify the potential investors.  Kind of jinxes the collaboration.  We will continue searching for these elusive sports investors and performing our due diligence.  As soon as we can lock someone down for the future, we will shout it out to the world!

Thanks for your continued support!

Paddle on my friends!

Backwater Paddle Company Dealer Network Growing


Assault Hand Paddle getting ready for the revolution.

Assault Hand Paddle getting ready for the revolution.

Backwater Paddle Company.  Ever heard of us before??  Probably.  If you are a paddle sportsman or kayak angler, you may have seen our patented Assault Hand Paddles being used or talked about at your last paddling adventure.  Maybe, even seen them at one of your local kayak angling tournaments being awarded as prizes.

Backwater Paddle Company has been working hard at marketing and branding our name all over the map!   We have 40+ dealers located around the nation, as well as 20+ dealers spread throughout the international paddling community.   Within these national dealers, many have multiple locations within and outside their home states, placing us in over 50+ stores around the country.

If you are involved with the paddle sports community, you may very well have heard or visited some of these iconic paddle sports shops carrying the Assault Hand Paddles.  Austin Canoe and Kayak (ACK), Hook 1, Appomattox River Company (ARC), GET:Outdoors, OKC Kayak, Wild River Outfitters (WRO), Delaware Paddlesports…just to name a few of the larger regional shops.

You can visit the Backwater Paddle Company Dealer Page to get the locations of dealers in your area.  Should you NOT find a BPC dealer in your locale, provide us the name of your local paddle sports shop NOT CARRYING our paddles, and we will talk to them personally.

Having said all that…Backwater Paddle Company is still not in the big box stores, like Bass Pro Shops, Gander Mountain, Academy Sports, Cabelas…yet.  To be honest, not sure why?  We have been diligently sending them product, filling out all their paperwork and applications…yet no response.  It is like these big box stores are vacuums, sucking up all the info and product, yet never hearing back.  However…failure is not an option!  Time and perseverance are on our side!!

We continue to sell our hand paddles via the Backwater Paddle Company web store with much success.  Not to miss any other internet sales revenue channels, Backwater Paddle Company also has the Assault Hand Paddles listed for purchase on the legendary Amazon and E-bay sites.  Surprisingly, we get quite a few sales from these sites.

The Backwater Paddle Company Face Book page community has steady grown to over 6300 fans!  We continue to sponsor kayak fishing tournaments around the country.  A number of kayak fishing clubs have placed our logo on their tournament jerseys!

I just placed an order for another Gaylord (5′ x 5′ x 5′ box) of polypropylene pellets to be used in the next batch of hand paddles.  That should get us around 1700 more paddles.  We went through the last Gaylord in 5 months!  With all the new dealers coming on board, and the holidays coming up, we just my have to get another run in just before the holidays.

Looking ahead…just setup an appointment with our CAD designer.  We will be working on the new blade design for the future kayak paddles.  We still do not have a commitment for the necessary funds to begin the kayak paddle project.  But, having the CAD work done and being able to present that to prospective investors is paramount for  moving forward.

We also have been entertaining the idea of submitting our kayak paddle project to Kick Starter.   It is a social investment program.  More to come on that later.

As you can see, Backwater Paddle Company is steady moving forward in the paddle sports market.   Until we can break the ice with the big-box stores, we will continue to promote and market to them until they flat out get tired of hearing about us…and just relent!

Thanks for all your continued support!  Paddle on my friends!!

The Assault Hand Paddle revolution is ON!!


New Hi-Vis Orange Assault Hand Paddles Debut

As the Assault Hand Paddle continues to gain traction in the paddles sports community, this spring a new color was introduced.  We solicited the advice of our Face Book community for the next color…and orange it was!

Orange Assault Hand Paddle

Orange Assault Hand Paddle debuts

As we already had a low visibility color with the OD Green Assault Hand Paddle (OD = olive drab)…don’t ask me what drab means…our customers and end users thought we needed a hi visibility color for safety.  Makes sense to us.   Green, yellow and orange were suggested colors.

Peliton Plastics from Valdosta, Georgia is the manufacturer of our hand paddles.  A quick phone call to Mike, color ideas and production runs discussed, and we were put in queue for the next available run.  We had our new Orange Assault Hand Paddles within three weeks!  How easy was that?  Made in the USA!!

Assault Hand Paddles

Assault Hand Paddles by Backwater Paddle Company

Marketing the new orange hand paddles was relatively simple.   The orange color highlights the raised graphics package more.  Our FB customers and fans wanted the paddle.  We got the paddles onto Amazon and E-bay.   Sales have been great!  We are also getting serious exposure for the paddles through various kayak angling tournaments Backwater Paddle Company sponsors around the nation.

Assault Hand Paddles

Assault Hand Paddles waiting for action!

Backwater Paddle Company dealers continue to grow.  We have just signed our first Canadian dealer in Ontario.

The Assault Hand Paddles continue to revolutionize the paddle sportsmen’s stealth and mobility!

Paddle on my friends!


Backwater Paddle Company in Gear For Spring Time

Backwater Paddle Company Logo

Backwater Paddle Company Logo

Heading into the 2014 spring fishing season, Backwater Paddle Company’s successful introduction of the Assault Hand Paddle early last year put the business solidly on the map with the paddle sports community.   This spring, Backwater Paddle Company will introduce another color for the Assault Hand Paddle.

Social media, particularly the Backwater Paddle Company Face Book page, provides the management instantaneous feedback as to product value, price and function.  Check out the company Facebook page at:  www.facebook.com/BackwaterPaddleCompany   So far we have exceeded all expectations on the success of the new hand paddle.  So much so…we are moving forward, again.

We surveyed our loyal Facebook fans regarding a new color choice for the Assault Hand Paddle.  As these paddles are manufactured from plastic, basically ANY color can be molded.   We can even mold proprietary colors.   The overwhelming choice was a safety color, a hi-visibility color.   Yellow, green or orange??  No-one wanted yellow!  Orange seemed to be the favorite and most recommended color.

Hi-vis orange Assault Hand Paddle

“Hi-Vis Orange” Assault Hand Paddle coming Spring 2014!

Coming soon…”Hi-Vis Orange” Assault Hand Paddles!!  They are being molded as we read this blog!  We will also continue to keep our legendary OD Green colored Assault Hand Paddles.  Next spring, new survey…see what colors are fashionable then!

Again, we must mention Facebook.  What an exceptional medium to contact, and be in contact with, the paddle sport fans, sportsmen and sportswomen, anglers, hunters, photographers, inventors and business owners whom contribute to the growth of this sport.  The BPC Facebook page just went over 2000 likes!  Good start for a new company in a growing market.

Below are some statistics for the growth of paddle sports:

– 46.2 million people fish ever year!

– 2010  1 million kayak anglers
– 2011  1.2 million kayak anglers
– 2012  1.4 million kayak anglers
– 2013  1.6 million kayak anglers

– 2012   239,500 kayaks sold…that is a lot of equipment, gear and accessories to go along with each of those sales!

From our continued marketing, customer support, Facebook fans, kayak sportsmen and sportswomen, Backwater Paddle Company now has 29 BPC Dealers in 15 states, all within the past six months!  At least 15 or so in Australia!  We have been adding new dealers at 1 – 2 per week.  Here is the latest list of BPC dealers:  www.backwaterpaddles.com/Dealers.html

We have also been supporting many of the regional kayak angling tournaments.  This type of field marketing provides tremendous exposure for minimal financial expenditure.   Half page ad…$2500.00 in leading kayak angling or paddle sport magazine.  The magazine is looked at, and maybe our ad was perused once, and forgot.  We send six to fifteen paddles per tournament series, receive serious exposure via social media and paddle sport networks, and the paddles are in the hands of the true sportsman…whom continue to promote our product!  Cost…less than $100.00!!

Our plan for 2014 is to get the paddles into the big box stores.  We have been soliciting Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, Academy Sports, Cabelas, Dicks, Sports Authority…but can’t get them to bite, yet.  Not quite sure why they are holding out…but trying to talk to them is impossible.  We will continue expanding our BPC Dealerships around the nation and world.  One shop at a time!!  The Assault Hand Paddle revolution is ON!!

BIG picture…full size kayak paddles.  It is simply a matter of getting the funds together for the mold.  Once we can finance the mold tooling and first run production…we will have resources already available to inventory our stock with our expanding dealer network.  That is a BIG plus in moving Backwater Paddle Company into the BIG LEAGUES!!

Thanks for all your continued support!  Paddle on my friends!!

Veteran Owned, Backwater Paddle Company Honors Our Military

Backwater Paddle Company Logo

Backwater Paddle Company Logo

Backwater Paddle Company is a veteran owned paddle sport manufacturing business located in Central Florida.  Ed Halm, owner and retired US Navy survival instructor, brought new ideas and concepts to the paddle sports market.  These unique paddle designs have contributed to growth of the kayak angling, kayak hunting and paddle sport communities.

The patented “hook and teeth” blade design featured on the Assault Hand Paddle has demonstrated Ed’s intuitiveness in solving problems.  As a navy survival instructor, failure was not an option in decision making.  The patented blade design evolved out of physical necessity while on a paddling adventure.

To move the project forward, keeping the manufacturing here in the states was paramount to our company’s success.  Many other paddle sport manufacturers have resourced their manufacturing overseas.   Yes, as any savvy business should, we checked out the overseas option in our discovery phase of manufacturing.  No matter how hard we looked at the overseas venues, we could not wrap our head around the fact that our paddles would be made outside the US.

As a military veteran, defending our country was what my life was about.  Those who came before me, defenders of our freedom, now business owners and family men, deserved our manufacturing dollars.   When all was said and done, having the paddles made here in the states is roughly the same price as overseas.  Why then, give our business to economies outside our borders?

Having the “Made in the USA” label on our paddle products warrants the decisions our forefathers made in dedicating their lives to this country’s greatness.  I respect their commitment, Backwater paddle Company respects their commitment, and our customers have respected the choices we had in our manufacturing decisions.  We will always be “Made in the USA!”

As our company grows beyond the “one man band” stage, we will certainly enforce the philosophy of hiring veterans to work and grow with our business.  The veterans defending us today are our future employees tomorrow.   We thank you for your sacrifices today…promise, we will take care of you tomorrow.

Thank a veteran for your freedom!

Assault Hand Paddle Review By Tony Hart, Professional Kayak Angler

Tony Hart, Backwater Paddle Company professional rep, took the time to evaluate and provide a product review for the new Assault Hand Paddle.  Below is his take on how the new hand paddle works for him.

Product Review: Assault Hand Paddle

 “The Assault Hand Paddle from Backwater Paddle Company is an innovative tool that is perfect for kayak anglers.  It doesn’t matter if you’re trekking down a narrow creek in the deep reaches of the Florida wilderness or need a little help maneuvering your kayak while fighting a trophy fish, the Assault Hand Paddle will get the job done.  It’s the brainchild of former US Navy survival instructor, Ed Halm, who envisioned the idea one day while paddling a local river in Central Florida.  Ultimately, when Ed asked if I would take a look over and test the paddle out, I jumped at the opportunity.  Here’s my take on the Assault Hand Paddle from Backwater Paddle Company.

Initially, the paddle has a very unique look to it.  A “hook” on one side, and a toothed edge on the other side provide the angler with the ability to grab and/or pull away debris that is in the way.  It’s fairly light, and has the ability to float which is always a positive in the kayaking world.  For my testing purposes in the saltwater creeks of NE Florida, I was impressed with its overall ability.  I was able to use the toothed side to help with pushing off of and away from dock pilings and oyster beds.  The hook end was valuable in that it was able to assist in unhooking a jighead that was hung up in an oyster bed.   The hand paddle proved its worthiness in that it was much more easier to handle rather than my 240cm Accent Paddle.  Having the ability to be able to hold your rod with one hand and easily right yourself with a smaller tool earned the Assault Hand Paddle a thumb’s up.

Assault Hand Paddle

The other cool part of this paddle is the ability to help right yourself when fighting a fish.  We who fish for redfish know that they are a fierce-some fighting fish, with the ability to make several nice runs in several different directions.  When staked out, this can be somewhat cumbersome, especially when trying to keep tension on the fishing rod and maneuver your regular kayak paddle.  I’m sure there’s many of you who will agree with me that this can be a daunting task to say the least.  With the Assault Hand Paddle, this aggravation is a thing of the past.  Having something that is quickly deployed and easy to use to get your next trophy fish landed is of the utmost importance to a kayak angler, and the Assault Hand Paddle fits that billing.

Overall, I was very impressed with the product from Backwater Paddle Company, and will definitely recommend using the Assault Hand Paddle to the kayak fishing community.”

Assault Hand Paddle Floating

Thanks Tony for your time and consideration!  Paddle on my friend!!

The Assault Hand Paddle Revolution is ON!!

Assault Hand Paddle FAQ’s


Assault Hand Paddle providing stealth and mobility!

Assault Hand Paddle providing stealth and mobility!

What are the paddles made from?

The new Assault Hand Paddles are made from a 10% fiberglass infused polypropylene plastic for strength and durability, with a UV additive for longevity.  The handle is covered with a foam hand grip for comfort and lanyard attached for security.

How big are they?

The paddles measure out to 22” long by 6” wide and weigh only 12 ounces.  We kept them under 24” so they would still be compact, yet lethal.

Do they float?

Absolutely!  They HAVE to float!

Assault Hand Paddle Floating

How did you come up with the blade design?

Out paddling one day in Central Florida, I came across a strainer blocking the local river.  I tried to dislodge the structure, but came up short handed with only a kayak paddle.  As a US Navy Survival Instructor, failure was not an option.  I envisioned how a hook would have grabbed onto the debris and a toothed end to push it down stream.  After a few mangled prototypes; today we have the patented “hook and teeth” blade design, now seen on the Assault Hand Paddle.

Are they modeled after a medieval weapon?

Not actually medieval…more from a WWII Air Force Jungle Survival weapon, now commonly known as a Woodsman’s Tool.

How tough are they?

Short of using rotary or reciprocating tools in your effort, you will not break this paddle.  If you do…we will replace the paddle.  (You better have a badass story, too!) 

Assault Hand Paddle vs, Piling!

Backwater Paddle Company’s newest paddle, the Assault Hand Paddle, is ready for everything!

Can we order other colors?

As these paddles are plastic, we can manufacture them in any color, even proprietary colors.  Currently we are working away through “camo” colors, i.e. green, brown and blue, as well as safety colors (red and yellow.)  However there is a manufacturing minimum amount.  Contact Ed at Backwater Paddle Company for more information.

Where do we buy them?

Currently from the Backwater Paddle Company’s web store.  Hopefully that will change in the next few months and they will be available in the big box retail sporting goods stores.

Other than fishing, who else can use them?

Duck hunters use the Assault Hand Paddle to stealthily maneuver their kayak for the best shot presentation and game retrieval.

Paddle sport photographers use the hand paddles to position their boats for maximum subject exposure and background framing.

Paddle sport adventurers use the hand paddles for close quarter maneuvering in tight spaces in lieu of their seven foot kayak paddle.

Will there be other paddles with that blade design?

Yes, we are putting together manufacturing projects for kayak, canoe and SUP paddles.  It may be a year or so away.  The new paddle lines will all incorporate the patented “hook and teeth” design as well some type of raised graphics package.

Assault Hand Paddle Revolution Is On!

Backwater Paddle Company reached a major milestone in its corporate development. The Assault Hand Paddle has arrived!  After nearly a year of waiting and endless manufacturing delays, it is an exciting moment in the evolution of paddle sports.

The Assault Hand Paddle is revolutionizing paddle sportsmen’s stealth and mobility.   The only paddle designed for paddle sportsmen seeking stealth and close quarter mobility.  The plastic paddles distinctive visual appeal and raised graphic design sets it apart from all other paddles in the paddle sports market.

Assault Hand Paddle Floating

The paddle matters!  Some say the Assault Hand Paddle’s unique and versatile blade design is a cross between medieval weapon and sports racquet.  Whatever your observation regarding this state-of-the-art paddle, it is 100% efficient.  The unparalleled blade design evolved out of physical necessity.   Paddle sportsmen needed a smaller and more functional paddle while battling tight spaces and repositioning their kayak or canoe.

The Assault Hand Paddles patented “hook and teeth” blade design provides the ultimate tool for kayak anglers, hunters and photographers.  The lightweight and compact hand paddle provides a one-handed option to position their boat for maximum maneuverability and productivity.  The single-handed paddling option allows the paddle sportsman to continue to fight fish, hunt ducks or shoot photos while staying on target.

Backwater Paddle Company’s patented “hook” blade design permits grabbing, snagging or snatching objects to retrieve or position your craft.  The paddles “teeth” provide positive purchase while pushing or shoving off objects.

The genesis of the Assault Hand Paddle came from its former wooden siblings, the Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles.  These earlier generation wood paddles were proof of concept that seven foot paddles were not the answer for every paddle sportsman.  With the rapid growth of paddle sports, it became evident paddle sportsmen needed a smaller, more compact and practical paddle in their daily endeavors.

To enhance product and market availability, the plastic Assault Hand Paddle was designed incorporating the innovative features of Backwater Paddle Company’s prior wood hand paddles.   Not only did we want a completely functional plastic paddle, but a paddle that created the “wow” factor.   With plastic, we had an opportunity to make an awesome visual statement, as well as product longevity.

New Assault Hand Paddle by Backwater Paddle Company

New Hand Paddle Design

The Assault Hand Paddle will retail for $29.95.  We expect to have them in outdoor retail and big box stores later this year.  As of now, they can be purchased from Backwater Paddle Company’s web store.

Backwater Paddle Company’s future includes a kayak paddle, canoe paddle and SUP paddle. They will all incorporate the patented “hook and teeth” blade design, as well as the awesome raised graphics package.

Backwater Paddle Company is looking for paddle sport pro staffers, representatives, wholesalers and distributors willing to use, introduce and disseminate our products into the paddle sports market.  Contact Ed at Backwater Paddle Company for further information.   You can visit our website or place an order at www.backwaterpaddles.com.   The Paddle Matters!

Paddle on friends!

Assault Hand Paddle Update From Backwater Paddle Company

New Assault Hand Paddle by Backwater Paddle Company
New Hand Paddle Design

Update on Assault Hand Paddle Tooling:

I talked to Mike, from Peliton Plastics, in Valdosta, Georgia regarding our Assault hand paddle mold tooling.   Mike had originally explained that they were going to have the mold made at one of their other (sister) machine shops in Kentucky.   His Georgia tooling shop was behind schedule on other tooling projects and it would be months before starting our project.   The machine shop in Kentucky has been making blow molds for Peliton all along.  He felt they could handle a pressure injection mold.  The Kentucky crew would be able to start the project a.s.a.p.   I understood and appreciated their time and consideration.

It seems from the get-go that this mold tooling project was challenging.  First, the physical size of the Assault hand paddle mold was very considerable.   A billet of aluminum required for that size of mold could not be procured in a timely fashion.   So they procured a billet of “tool steel” instead.  Better yet!  A steel mold will produce about 1 million paddles, where aluminum will only yield about 100,000 paddles.

The Assault paddle is physically large by their tooling standards, and also has the raised detailed graphic package on the blade faces.  The Kentucky CAD tooling program quickly was overwhelmed with the file date size.  Mike and Corey (Kentucky machinist) have been daily trying to break the file down into workable sections, but that has been very time consuming.  The tooling machine can only cut a few hours per day as they re-write the files to accommodate their smaller cad program.   The tooling machine should be cutting at least 18 hours per day to stay on schedule. 

Nevertheless, the Kentuckycrew have had to purchase an upgrade to their cad system program to run our detailed files and complete this project in a timely manner.   As with any new program, there is a learning curve and they expect to get all the bugs worked out by next week.

Also noted was all the raised graphics on the blades, and the intricate contours of the graphics, especially in and around the logo, is a time consuming machining process.  The tooling has to be done at a much slower and meticulous pace, with many manual bit size changes.

Being the mold is now made from “tool steel” vs. aluminum, the cutting takes about 10x longer, as the steel is so much harder to cut.

With all this having been said…we are only 40% complete on the Assault mold.   Once they get their new cad program all synched up, the project should move along much faster.   I will be getting an update again in a week or so. 

I appreciate your patience, time and consideration my friends!!