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10 Reasons You Need A Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle!


Predator Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle in action.

Have you ever tried holding a fishing pole, gun or camera and paddle your kayak a few yards?  It is a very complicated effort.  Try to fish, hunt, or photograph while paddling a kayak at the same time!  You have to put something down to do the other!

“It was a fishing comedy on water.”  I mused from afar.  Jim was on the salt water flats flailing a seven foot kayak paddle.  He was trying to hold onto an eight foot fishing pole while chasing a redfish through the mangroves.   I thought to myself, “He needs another hand to juggle that kayak paddle and hold his rod.”

Paddle or fish?  Paddle or shoot?  This is the kayak fisherman’s dilemma!

All kayak fishermen and sportsmen have experienced the difficulty of paddling your kayak and holding your fishing rod. After reading this review of fly fishing rods, i was able to find the best rod for kayaking. No matter how you “fore arm wrestle” or “cross body flail” that seven foot kayak paddle, it still requires two hands.

The question baffling the kayak fishing community is how do you hold onto your eight foot fishing rod with one hand and stealthily paddle your kayak with the other? 

“It became readily apparent that kayak fishermen and sportsmen did not realize there was a hand paddle being developed to make their next fishing experience  more rewarding!”

This is when the Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle concept was launched.

Kayak fishing hand paddles are the straightforward solution to the kayak angler and sportsmen’s dilemma. 

Below are the TOP TEN reasons why you need a Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle:

  1. Simple, one handed paddle operation.  Stow away that 7 foot kayak paddle.
  2. Keep fishing.  Never put down your fishing pole.
  3. Stealthy paddling.  No flailing an awkward kayak paddle to scare away fish.
  4. Short distance mobility.  Why use a 7 foot kayak paddle to move a few yards?
  5. Open water drift control.  Steer & control drift with the fishing hand paddles.
  6. Retrieving lines.  Reach out and grab those mono filament and braided lines.
  7. Grabbing onto structures.  Use the hook to pull, attach, snatch, & drag anything.
  8. Pushing off obstacles.  Use the teeth for positive purchase while shoving off.
  9. Small and lightweight.  Weighing between 6-7 ounces vs. a 2–3 lb kayak paddle.
  10. Backup emergency paddle.  For who knows when?

“Having that kayak fishing hand paddle at my side and readily available was the difference between just good ole time fishing and an awesome kayak fishing experience!”

It is truly amazing how having that one paddle, a kayak fishing hand paddle, has made all the difference in stealthily moving your kayak without spooking your prey!  Who would of thought?  

Backwater Paddles has the inexpensive solution to solve your kayak fishing problems!

Try our Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles.  Yes, you can paddle and fish!

Go to www.backwaterpaddles.com to solve your kayak fishing problems today!

Paddle one handed, chase stealthily…keep fishing!  Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles!

The Evolution of Fishing Kayaks and Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles

Fishing with Predator Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle

Paddle sports, particularly kayak fishing, are the fastest growing water sport today.  Kayaking, canoeing and rafting are now destination activities.   With all the green and eco friendly activities available, paddle sports have dominated the outdoor adventure scene.   Paddle sports are low impact on the environment, inexpensive, thrilling and always memorable.

Not to be left out, the fishing and sporting communities wanted in on this explosion.  Kayakers, anglers and sportsmen merged concepts and technologies.  Along with diversity came opportunity.  New specialty equipment, gear and accessories evolved.  Fishing kayaks and kayak fishing hand paddles evolved from this call to action. Don’t forget to properly store your kayak when you are done, click here to see the best way to store a kayak in a garage.

With the rapid growth of paddle sports, there has been a definitive diversification of the sport into various disciplines.  All the technological and manufacturing advancements have fueled the sudden increase in the sport.  Kayak fisherman and kayak sportsman have recently dominated the growth in the paddle sports arena.

Kayak fishermen, also known as kayak anglers, and kayak sportsmen require specialty equipment, gear and accessories to effectively pursuit their sport.  Their fishing kayaks and fishing hand paddles are specifically designed to accommodate their dynamic environments and distinctive sporting activities.

Kayak anglers and sportsmen have designed boats for easy access and mobility.  Many facets of their kayak design reflect accoutrements that were found only on motorized fishing vessels.  Today you can find rod holders, live wells, storage compartments, battery wells, fish finders, anchors, etc.  If they can fit a specialty fishing accessory on a twelve to fourteen foot kayak, they will try to get it on there!  They even have twin hulled, foot propelled and battery operated kayaks for the hard core anglers.

For ease of access and dismount, the anglers use a modified version of the sit on top kayak, or SOT.  SOT’s were a natural conversion platform for kayak anglers. These boats are self bailing, meaning that any water that gets in the kayak will be drained away by gravity.  Getting on and off is much easier than a sit in kayak.  Turning or sliding around to access tackle or gear behind you is a much simpler evolution.

With this approach to fishing from kayaks, came another conundrum that caused problems in the kayak angling community.  How do you paddle and fish at the same time?  Think about it.  Can you hold your fishing rod and a kayak paddle at the same time?

Paddling your kayak and fishing at the same time became a comedy on the water.  It takes two hands to wrangle a seven foot kayak paddle, no matter how you hold it.  Throw in a fishing pole, and you soon realize you need three hands!

Kayak fishing hand paddles evolved from pioneering anglers solving this problem with ping pong paddles, Kadema paddles, modified badminton racquets and the sort.  They could hold onto their fishing rod and with the other hand paddle their boat stealthily toward their prey.

It soon became apparent that flailing a seven foot paddle is not conducive to shallow water, or skinny water fishing.  The fish can see you!   The best way to sneak up on your prey is to glide stealthily toward them.   While holding your fishing rod, using a little six or seven ounce fishing hand paddle to propel your kayak, about 16” long, is perfect for the task.

As you begin your foray into kayak fishing, do your research.  Peruse the internet, talk to local anglers, visit local outfitters and try various kayak platforms and fishing hand paddles.  That little effort will certainly make your fishing trip much more rewarding and memorable.

Fish on!!

Fishing Hand Paddles Contribute to Successful Kayak Fishing

Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle

Kayak fishing is one of the fastest growing sports in the outdoor sporting and paddle sports markets.  With this explosion of growth, came opportunity.  Kayak fishermen are beginning to reap the benefits of new concepts and technologies in advancing their sport.

Having said that, kayak anglers and sportsmen are clamoring for new equipment, paddle gear and accessories to stay ahead of their competition.

“It was a fishing comedy on water.”  I mused from afar.  Jim was in the salt water flats flailing a seven foot kayak paddle.  He was trying to hold onto an eight foot fishing pole while chasing a redfish through the mangroves.   I thought to myself, “He needs another hand to juggle that kayak paddle and hold his rod.”

Paddle or fish?  All kayak fishermen have experienced the difficulty of paddling your kayak and holding your fishing rod.  How do you hold onto your eight foot fishing rod with one hand and stealthily paddle your kayak with the other?  No matter how you wrestle that seven foot kayak paddle, it requires two hands.  Something has to be set down to do the other.

Backwater Paddle Company introduced the concept of the kayak fishing hand paddle.  The introduction of the Predator and Piranaha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles has solved many kayak angling problems.  These paddles are a simple solution to a confusing problem encountered while kayak fishing.

It had been noted that intrepid kayak anglers and sportsmen could be found with the likes of ping pong paddles, Kadema paddles, and modified racquets silently navigating their kayaks while chasing fish.

The principle concept of kayak fishing hand paddles were developed by the kayak angler and sportsmen to stealthily move their boat while continuing to fish.

Backwater Paddle Company finally decided it was time to bring the kayak fishing hand paddle concept main stream.  Today, these lightweight and ubiquitous paddles are transforming the kayak fishing sport.

Kayak fishing hand paddle designs evolved from experienced kayak anglers and sportsmen working closely with the paddle sports manufacturing community.  Keeping the kayak fishing hand paddles fully functional was the primary interest.  Providing a light weight, durable, short and floatable paddle was mandatory.

Paddle evolution has not come very far since the inception of paddle sports to the modern paddling masses.  Paddle design has basically remained unchanged since the Inuit’s first stretched seal skins over wooden frames.  The basic paddle blade concept has worked well until now.  Nominal manufacturing and material changes resulting in preference of weight and durability reflect most purchasing decisions today.

Kayak anglers have declared it is time to adapt and overcome those traditional barriers!

Simply place one of these six ounce or seven ounce Predaotr or Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles between your legs, or close by.  Stow away that unwieldy seven foot kayak paddle.  Grab your fishing rod.  Now you can stealthily paddle and fish without spooking your prey.

Backwater Paddles introduced a couple of fishing hand paddle models available to the kayak angler and sportsmen market.  After the first kayak fishing hand paddle prototypes were tested, it became apparent that having more functions would add to the benefit.  Obviously this is quite niche and the regular fishing boats are still much more popular with places like Intrepid Powerboats that has a full selection of powerboats. It is nice however to see these new ways of doing old things.

The “hook and teeth” blade designs of Backwater Paddles became readily accessible and dominate the kayak fishing hand paddle market.  Having a fishing hand paddle is awesome; having that ability to grab onto or push off any object with the hook and teeth is a real bonus.

It works great for the kayak fishermen, sportsmen, photographers and enthusiasts who need an extra hand while practicing their paddle sport.

It is truly amazing how having that one paddle, a kayak fishing hand paddle, has made all the difference in stealthily moving your kayak without spooking your prey!  Who would of thought?

Fish On!!

Is their perpetual motion in marketing?

Predator Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle

Backwater Paddle Company has struggled to get where we are now.  It has been a long slog through a nasty recession.  Backwater Paddles almost faltered at the start due to the bad economic times.  On top of that, breaking into a new, yet growing market, where your product has never existed presented its own unique challenges.

After a year or so of just keeping the business together, all the little things I have done have seem to come together.  Maybe it was just throwing enough fodder out there that something would catch and hold on.  Maybe it was changing the business plan in mid stream and coming out with the kayak fishing hand paddles.  Maybe it was just the market starting to rebound.  Maybe it was because I did find the right product at the right time for the right market?

Nevertheless, Backwater Paddles has been fortunate enough to begin feeling like we are somebody.  The past two months have been a renaissance in company and product awareness.  We are being noticed.  Somebody likes our product and sees a useful benefit.   We are generating sales, albeit very nominal, but someone does want to try our Predator and Piranha kayak fishing hand paddles.

Starting a project in a niche market is hard enough.  Try designing and selling a product to a market that has never existed before!  I am not saying kayaks nor fishing have never been around, but kayaks and fishing togetherhave spring boarded into the paddle sports market…bringing us kayak fishing.  Ever being an optimist, where  there is growth, there is opportunity!

Getting noticed in your market is an overwhelming task.  Third, a SEO agency backs my statement up, “Getting noticed in your market without dumping boat loads of green backs into your marketing campaign is an overwhelming task! “.

As a start-up company owner, working from savings, and a part time job is all you have to work with monetarily.  Without big corporate sponsors, investors and funding companies at your disposal, getting your marketing campaign off the ground requires tons of patience and good luck.

Once Backwater Paddle Companies investors bailed at the start of the recession, I knew all bets were off and this would be a struggle.  I had to knuckle down and explore EVERY opportunity, EVERY contact, EVERY lead, and EVERY scheme.   I had to be proactive.   I know deep down, there would be no one else sitting down at this computer, for hours on end, doing this for me.

With the evolution of kayak fishing came new equipment, new gear and accessories.  Being in the right spot at the right time was all we needed for a competitive edge.   The evolution of  kayak fishing hand paddles became the focus of our market campaign and Backwater Paddles rise into the paddle sports community.

But again, it all boils down to the green backs.  Fortunately, perseverance has paid off to some degree.  Backwater Paddles is breaking into the paddle sport news without having sunk beacoup green backs into marketing.

Is this good luck?  Will the exposure keep growing on its own with little or no more input from me?  Has all the last year of relentless Internet research finally paid off?  Sure, I’d like to believe that.  Sure I’d like to believe in perpetual  motion too.  But I know at some point I am going to have to get some green backs from someone to keep this marketing machine moving forward.

By the way…do you know anyone wanting to get in the ground floor of a paddle sports company?  I am going to need some green backs soon!!

Paddle on my friends!!