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Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles Capture the World of Paddle Sports

Predator Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle in action.

Since the introduction of kayak fishing hand paddles, paddle sports, particularly the sports of kayak fishing, hunting and photography has embraced these simple, yet indispensable paddling accessories with open arms.  Having open arms, at least free hands, while fishing, hunting of taking pictures is what every paddle sportsman desires.   Paddle sportsmen want to focus on one thing and one thing only.  They want success in getting close enough to catch, capture or photograph their prey.   The last thing a paddle sportsman wants to do is scare their prey away, or not be at the ready, before they have the opportunity to perform.

Kayak fishing hand paddles make it much easier to keep fishing, hunting or your subject within the camera view finder without spooking your elusive prey.   The problem all paddle sportsmen encounter is how to stealthily maneuver their boat within close proximity while still accomplishing their mission!

Compact and lightweight, kayak fishing hand paddles allow you to stow those bulky, seven foot kayak paddles.  Simply keep an eight ounce kayak fishing hand paddles between your legs, or within easy reach, and with one hand, stealthily move your boat to within range without ever setting down your fishing rod, gun or camera.   Now you can easily fish, hunt and photograph while moving your boat!

Previously, the kayak sportsman got as close as he could with his seven foot kayak paddles.   Once on target, he commenced to do what he came to do.   As we know, wildlife becomes very skittish when man, whom they view as a predator, enters their protected domain.   The natural tendency of wildlife is to move away from their predator, with stealth if possible.  The more action you provide in your approach, the faster and further they flee.   Wildlife often watch with intrigue as you approach from a distance, however, encroaching into their fight or flight zone, wariness ensues.  Flailing seven foot kayak paddles while in close proximity to wildlife is tantamount to certain failure.  They will soon be gone.

Kayak anglers continually find it necessary to stealthily move their kayak short distances to stalk their prey.  Fish are always on the move.  Facing a common dilemma as how to keep fishing, move your boat and not scare prey away, became problematic.  Having to break out their seven foot kayak paddle and lay down their fishing rod just to move their kayak a few yards put them in jeopardy of losing sight or frightening away their prized lunker.  Fish have eyes, and believe me, those eyes are always looking for predators.  No matter how stealthy you are while flailing seven foot kayak paddles, it is surely to grab their attention and send your prize darting away.

Duck hunters find kayaks as the ultimate method of quietly sneaking across lagoons, lakes or ponds.  Getting your boat situated in the reeds or cat tails, sliding into a blind or silently slithering along the surface is paramount to successful duck hunting.   Turning your boat for the correct presentation to aim your gun without sending the flock flying is easier said than done.   Again, having to break out your seven foot kayak paddle and setting down your gun to attempt a stealthy maneuver without scattering the flock is a challenge most duck hunters wish to avoid.

Water fowl, shore birds and marine mammals live in a very dynamic environment and are particularly hard to photograph unless you have a plan, or a huge telephoto lens.   Kayak photography has taken off as the innovative method for obtaining those natural habitat photos of wildlife.  Half the battle of getting that perfect photograph is being in the right place at the right time.   Paddle sportsman, particularly paddle photographers, are taking advantage of the stealth that kayaks provide in locating and snapping that once in a lifetime shot.   However, just like fish and ducks, marine wildlife is easily spooked by flailing objects.  Breaking out those seven foot kayak paddles to maneuver closer for your shot is a guarantee that your subject will be spooked.  Photograph missed.

Kayak fishing hand paddles provide the ultimate opportunity for paddle sportsmen to stealthily maneuver their boat in any scenario.  Whether you are kayak angler, duck hunter, or paddle sports photographer, having the capability to stealthily maneuver your boat determines whether you become a player or get skunked.

Kayak fishing hand paddles simply allow you to put away those awkward kayak paddles, stealthily move your kayak one-handed and successfully  keep fishing, hunting of shooting photos.  Until they figure out how to make a small kayak motor powered by one of the best rv house battery reconfigured for the sport, I will pass thank you. I’m just not the rowing type.

Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle

Terry fishing with the Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle

Photo Adventures with Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles


Photography with the Predator Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle
Take pictures and paddle together!

Since the inception of the kayak fishing hand paddle phenomenon, other paddle sportsmen have used these innovative paddles to actively pursuit their kayak hobbies and adventures.   Providing stealth and a simple one handed paddle operation, any paddle sportsmen will soon find these paddles beneficial to their next paddling adventure.

We all know the performance benefits the Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles bring to the kayak angling community.  Yes, you can finally paddle and fish together!  No more trying to hold onto your fishing rod and perform a one handed flail with a seven foot kayak paddle, just to move your boat a few yards.

One-handed stealth maneuvering is obviously the biggest benefit provided by these kayak fishing hand paddles.  There are not just for the kayak fishing community only, either.  Stealthy paddling tactics can be applied to other paddle sporting activities.

But what else can the local kayaking sportsman do with kayak fishing hand paddles?  Basically whatever sport or hobby requiring kayaks as the chosen vehicle of transportation can experience the benefits of these innovative paddles. 

Have you ever tried to photograph wildlife from a kayak platform?  Kayaks provide the unique opportunity to get in and up close to wildlife in many aquatic ecosystems.   Requiring only 3 – 4 inches of water to navigate through, kayaks can stealthily put you closer to your photographic opportunities than you can imagine.  Having birds only yards away, comfortable in their environment, makes for awesome pictures.

Shooting photos from a boat is always a challenge.  Water being a fluid environment, creates its own dynamic problems.  Throw in a breeze, wind or current and now you have another factor involved in trying to capture the perfect shot.  Is wildlife on the move?  Just another variable to contend with.

Now try holding your camera on target, while paddling, to make those current and wind corrections.  You will find that you have to put down your camera to paddle your boat.  You cannot possibly hold your camera steady and paddle your boat a few yards to set up for the perfect shot.  It takes two hands to paddle a kayak with a conventional kayak paddle.  That means you are not ready for the shot when the time arrives.

Flailing that seven foot kayak paddle while trying to capture the moment will generally cost you the shot.  What wildlife is going to hang around as you try to approach with kayak paddles flying?  Are you being very stealthy?

Wildlife photography requires an element of knowledge, patience and stealth.  You have to be able to identify and understand how wildlife acts in their natural surroundings.  Understanding the basic characteristics of your target allows you the patience to study their habitat and identify photo opportunities.   Getting the best shot always requires stealth. 

Generally the closer you can get to the photo opportunity, the better the picture.   You do not want to have spent all that time studying and patiently waiting, only to blow the opportunity with a few careless paddle strokes.

The Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles provide you the benefit of paddling your kayak one handed and stealthily to get up and close and personal for the perfect wildlife photograph.

Stow that unwieldy seven foot kayak paddle.  Place a six ounce kayak fishing hand paddle between your legs.  When it is time to follow your wildlife or get in closer, break out your kayak fishing hand paddles.  With a few crafty strokes, you can stealthily maneuver your kayak within photographic range without spooking the wildlife.    

As you can see, the Predator and Piranha Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles can also be used to photograph and paddle!  Who would of thought?