Revolutionizing Paddle Sportsmen’s
Stealth & Mobility.

There you are, fishing the perfect spot, when the wind picks up and starts blowing you – not to mention your kayak and the huge shadow it projects – right over what was looking to be the perfect fish hideout.

Either that, or you drift away from that perfect spot, have to put your rod down, and paddle back over to within casting distance. Over and over again. It’s a game many kayak fishermen have come accustomed to, unless you either have a pedal kayak or a mini, one-handle paddle.

That’s where Backwater Paddle Company comes into play.


Yak Gear, the nation’s largest paddle sports distributor, has licensed Backwater Paddle Company and is responsible for all manufacturing and distribution of our paddle products.

Contact Bill Bragman, at for all dealership and inventory inquiries.