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Assassin Kayak Paddle

Our ASSASSIN Kayak Paddle is designed for FORM as well as function.

The unique Blade design allows kayakers more freedom, more comfort and more confidence to challenge themselves.

Feeling you have the “edge” when starting any trek, the adventure becomes more real and fulfilling.

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What is so good about this Assassin Kayak Paddle?

PERFORMANCE! There is NO other kayak paddle manufactured that has the complete functionality of the Assassin Kayak Paddle. The patented “hook and teeth” blade provide an extra set of tools over your existing paddle.

"You now have the capability to grab or push with your kayak paddle, as well as propulsion."

The Assassin Kayak Paddle blades will be made from an extremely durable ABS plastic.

Carbon fiber paddle shafts are supplied for weight reduction and strength. The carbon fiber shafts will be adjustable in 10cm increments. Available shaft lengths are 230cm to 240cm and 250cm to 260cm. Paddle weight is in the mid to upper 30 ounces depending on length.

Paddle sportsman now have the ultimate piece of gear to maneuver around tight spaces, grab trees, limbs, pull another boat to you, snag lines, snatch up floating gear, rescue an overboard boater or pet … and get you back and forth to the launch.

The paddle's safety aspect is highly rated. The Assassin Kayak Paddle affords personal security, as well as propulsion. Having a paddle that you trust to deliver both safety and utility, your investment decision becomes much easier.

"There is NO other paddle on the market today that can compare with the Assassin Kayak Paddle's VERSATILITY."

The overwhelming success of our Assault Hand Paddles have set the standard of performance expected from Backwater Paddle Company. We always deliver!

Our Marketing Strategy

This marketing campaign, "Can your paddles do that?" is specifically designed to target our competition. We want to demonstrate the true versatility and advantage of owning an Assassin Kayak Paddle.

We shot some short videos, micro-videos, demonstrating the advantages of the Assassin Kayak Paddle and its patented "hook and teeth" blade design.

Check out a few of these micro-videos below:

"Can your paddle do that?"

Assassin Paddle Specs

Assassin Kayak Paddle
  • Made from extremely durable ABS plastic
  • Adjustable carbon fiber shafts in 10cm increments. Available in 230cm to 240cm and 250cm to 260cm lengths
  • Patented “hook and teeth” blade design
  • Weighs mid 30 ounces, depending on length
  • Floats
  • MSRP $159